Andrologist-Urologists in Long Island & NYC

I am making this thread because of people contacting me regarding who to go see around here.
These men:

Dr. Natan Bar Chama

Dr. Brett Mellinger (former doc of mine; you can search him for a LOT of work in Pub Med)

Dr. Harris Nagler

Which one is the best. Can you tell us a little more about them? I am from Brooklyn and had to travel by plane for a doctor.

They are all qualified, certainly more so (can’t express this enough) than any forum poster on here, none of whom has demonstrated their education and competence in this area. That is, they are trained medical professionals, urologists, with fellowships in andrology. I don’t know who’s best. I recommend Mellinger because that’s who I’ve seen and who I’ve referred my friends too, all of whom got fixed up.

What part of Brooklyn are you from? Mellinger is in Plainview and Garden City, Long Island. So your trip might be up to an hour, which isn’t bad considering you only need to see doctors for hypogonadism twice per year.

I suspect like most thick-headed, dense posters on here you’re not gonna take my advice anyway. So take care. You can always listen to people on here who have expertise with Pub Med, Google, and Wikipedia.