Androlgel Enough for Me?

Im 23 years old, used to lift and workout a lot, peaked at 240. Stopped lifting due to lack of motivation. Had my testosterone levels checked 3 times now. Total testosterone was 16, 2, and 5. I’m on my second day of Androgel 1.62% (2 pumps per day), but from what i’m reading about guys in the 200-400 range getting 8 pumps a day?!?!?! LH levels were also none at all, not sure if that matters. How long until I start to feel a difference or if I will at all with that much

Read through all the stickies, then read them again. LOTS of info there and it will take some time to digest. At 23, you have something else going on. Low testosterone is a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. Kind of like “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Doctors diagnose fatigue as fatigue, which is A SYMPTOM.

What are the reference ranges for your lab data?

To answer your question, 2 pumps is a very conservative dose. It might get you into the high-300’s. You may experience some relief from this dosage, but it will take a few weeks before you notice much.

You need a lot more testing done to find the underlying problems. Read the blood testing sticky at the top of the page. There are several things that need to be tested. We see a lot of thyroid issues here. You’ll need to specifically request a lot of these labs because you doctor probably won’t do them unless specifically requested.

Ok i’ll go through the stickies and thanks for the info. I have had countless tests over the last year and my pituitary isnt working due to head trauma. So thats not producing LH. they have tried LH meds and that did nothing. Also I dont have health insurance so this is all coming from the VA not private doctors, so options are limited

Many here have had dealings with the VA. Yes, THEIR options are limited. That doesn’t mean your options are. There are workarounds we can discuss later.

No matter what they say, the goal of TRT is to alleviate the symptoms associated with TRT. If you do not feel that being in the high-300s does this for you, this gives you ammo to come back at them to raise your dosage. Make sure they test estradiol when they are testing your T. E2 is a tricky animal and can cause a lot of emotional and sexual problems and make TRT seem like it’s not even worth it.

Educate yourself the best you can prior to your next appointment.

Post ALL your labwork here so we can take a look at them.