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Androl Ammo

I need some help from the AAS experts on this board. As an experienced lifter and a drug rep, I have enjoyed reading the vast knowledge on AAS topics. I have never used gear myself, but I come under fire from people in the gym due to my physique and job. This is pathatic, but the latest rage in my gym is “A-bomb.” Most wannabies are buying Androl 75s. They all rage about the massive size and strenght gains within short time and low dosages. I have researched Androl and found this to be very true, but it comes at a price. Like liver toxicity, aromatization, fluid retention, natural test shut down, and short lived gains post androl. I need some ammo to fire back at these a-holes who argue with me about effects and side effects. I sure that they are all poping androl 75 once or twice a day without any anti-E or post cycle treatment. I haven’t noticed any rapid loss of size in any of them, but their cycles seem erratic and impulsive, based on money and ego. Most of them are convinced that I am just “hatting” on them because they are “blowin up.” It just pisses me off that they come to me for info…I point them in the right direction by telling them to get educated and they throw it in my face when they do it their way and get results. WTF, Sorry for the rant.

Hey bro don’t worry too much about them. If they really don’t know what they are doing they will probably fall down in the gym from the pain of a massive kidney attack knowen as the all mighty “back pump”. This drug is toxic to the liver for sure but, most peoples kidneys give out way before their liver.
They might be lucky in there week cycling and ignorance and maybe there bodys like the short boost every now and then. However, if they do stay on it for too long many sides will occur, especially if they have no anti-e’s for post cycle.
Hey good luck and stay big.

Actually, I remember a study done in 1996 I think that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine where 30 AIDS patients (20 men and 10 women) were given three (yes, three!) Anapollon 50 (English Anadrol) a day for thirty weeks. At the end of the study, they all had gained bodyweight (I can’t remember the average) and no appreciable side effects were reported. I have also found Anadrol to be low on the side effects, but everyone is different.

As for the aromatization, from what I have read, Anadrol cannot convert to estrogen in any way since it is a derivitive of DHT. The idea of some metabolite of A50 converting into progesterone was also nixed. The reason one gets bloated and sometimes gyno is apparantly the configuration of the A50 molecule is similar enough to estrogen so as to illicit similar effects, thereby making anti-estrogens of no effect. I think its a great drug, cheap and effective, its invulnerability to anti-e’s is of no concern to me as I don’t seem to have any problem with that side.

Thanks for the prospective from both sides. All I know of Anadrol was info I gathered from a search here and the steroid.com website. I am not sure if the second is repitable, but it seamed sound to me. Even without the sides, it seems like a disapointing AAS if the effects are short lived.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Anapolon and Anadrol have slightly different chemical makeups. Anadrol (oxymetholone) easily converts to estrogen and not DHT. I am not sure of Anapolon’s structural compound, but I have read about its afinity for DHT conversion.