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Android App - Steroid Encyclopedia

So, I noticed upon browsing the android market a few weeks ago that the standard of steroid apps was very poor, with a poor level of detail being encompassed. More importantly there was a lack detail on ancillary drugs, safe cycling and PCT.

Thus I decided to create my version ‘steroid encyclopedia’. I’ve tried to include most of what I feel is most important and have profiled 18 of the most popularly used compounds. If anybody wants to check it out and give me some feedback, that would be greatly appreciated.

Search Steroid Encylopedia on android market (Google Play)


Search Tech Titan (my dev name)

I can’t give the direct link on here as the url gets distorted when submitting.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything major out and i’ll put it in the next version. The app costs 1 Pound or $1.50… Upon publishing an app you have two choices, earn revenue on advertisement or charge for the app. I chose the latter option as the former is only really applicable to apps with a large target audience. And I would like something in way of profit for the time I spend on it, naturally.

Depending on how will this app is recieved (and how T-Nation feel about it). I am planning on creating two T-Nation apps. The first app will be a viewer for articles, nothing too complicated just a smoother experience than with the standalone browser. And second a t-forum app which make use of the forums easier on a smart phone or tablet.

Is that something that you guys would be interested in or is it a waste of time?


I’m convinced that the reason T-Nation uses such a technically complex, yet still difficult to use, forum format is to keep apps from popping up enabling people to address the site directly (like Forum Runner). This is so people will come here and buy products from the store and not just dick around on the forums.

Sounds like a cool idea though.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly makes you an authority on steroids/steroid use? Is it experience? Education? Seems like a great idea, I just want to know how reputable and/or accurate the information you will be providing is.

Good question. I have a resources page on the app that lists the sources for the information contained in the app. A lot of which is from anabolics 9th edition. I have personal cycle experience and have friends with a good few cycles under there belts also. I got them to review the information id put in. Only information that has helped me and is from a reputable source has been included.

Advanced topics like peptite use, dopamine agonists/progesterone levels and statis tapers havnt been included because I dont feel I know enough in those areas to choose the good information from the bad if you know what I mean…

hey great work

i thought it was a free app

too bad i don’t have a credit card

Version 1.1 released onto android market. I’ve added some explanations for commonly used (especially on here)acronyms. In addition to this I’ve added 12 more compounds and thickened up the side effects section. As always I’m keen to hear ideas for additional content for the next release.

I did try and release to windows phone and went through the trouble of re-writing it for that platofrm only to have its certification denied due to the nature of the app :slight_smile:

Looking into an iOS version but I imagine their content guidelines are much the same.