Androgens and Fat

If you are overweight, and you take androgens, will you weigh less at the end of a cycle instead of more due to fat loss? Let me explain my situation bluntly. I’m a fat bastard, there’s no two ways about it. No, I’m not obese, and yes I have the muscular shape, but my muscular shape is coated with about 20lbs of lard - especially my stomach.

Now here’s my question for the experts: when someone in my shape does an androgen cycle, what kind of results should he expect? Also, another thing to be taken into consideration is the fact that I’m overweight due to medication. I’m diagnosed with Manic-Depression and take Depakote. Depakote makes you sane, but turns you into a fat bastard as an added bonus, and makes it nearly impossible to shed the lard. Do any of you chemists understand why Depakote does this? Is there any remedy other than discontinuing Depakote?

Now I know, I know, I know. Manic-Depressives should not take any steroid hormones because it makes them crazy and mean, etc., etc., ad nauseam. However, I’m not having that problem. Actually, I feel better psychologically than I have ever felt in my entire life since taking Androsol!

Jason, my experience is that some guys who have a
strong tendency to overfatness respond remarkably to
anabolic steroids and for the first time, start dropping
fat very easily. For others, there’s no big difference.

Valproic acid (Depakote) does quite a few things in the
brain (not with bad effect though) besides being an
antiseizure or antimanic or mood-stabilizing drug. It
can cause an increase in appetite (something controlled
by the brain) and that’s the only mechanism I know of
which could tend to lead to problems with bodyfat.

That potentially might be helped by appetite suppressants,
A stricter approach to diet (eating because
it’s what you’ve planned as optimal, rather than because
it’s what you want, and eating small balanced meals every
2 or 3 hours, is more important yet of course (I know you
know that but we have a lot of readers and I did not want
anyone to think an appetite suppressant alone was much
of an answer, because it’s not… it’s at best a help.)

Thanks for the info, Bill. I’ll ask my shrink if he’ll prescribe an appetite suppressant.