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Androgenix Ostarine or Prescribed Bontril


I'm looking for advice here on which would be a better option for cutting. I'm at a coloric balance right now and doing cardio to cut total cal for the day. I know bontril is good at controlling appetite. I have never taken anything at all and want some help cutting down. Which is the best/ fastest option keeping in mind my intake is at maintenance with cardio added to create the shortfall. Rather not loose any muscle mass at all i possible. My routine is solid and food intake is fairly clean with mostly low carb. If you have qualifying questions to make suggestions please ask. Thanks for your help I'm very much a noob.


Really like some good feedback from someone who has knowledge and does not mind helping a noob thanks


how much weight are you trying to lose?


well, are you deciding between Ostarine (a SARM) and Bontril (a RX diet drug) for fat loss?

prolly the diet drug....


Well I'd like to drop around 20 lbs. I wanted to loose around 40 total and have already lost 20 however my measurements on everything on body except waist have gone up. I've heard good things about both the suggested drugs but seems the ostarine can have a double whammy effect if you will. Thanks for our help and suggestion


Yes those are the two options. Why the rx over the other? I don't know much about either however my thought is that the ost will allow a better muscle saving effect. Not to mention I've had some knee joint pain lately ( doc did scans says just work through it ) and seems the ost may work to help that as well.

Again I'm not knowledgeable to this type of thing either wanted to get solid research and advice than just asking te big guy at the gym ( which I did and he wanted to get the the real deal juice and I don't think I'm ready for that just yet) thanks again!


You shouldn't be using either. You should be working at a calorie deficit. A proper diet is enough to maintain muscle and lose fat. Ostarine will not help you with what you want to accomplish. The diet drug would be better suited for your goals, but I truly believe you're making a mistake by trying to lose the fat just by doing cardio.


Ok so your suggesting a caloric deficit along with cardio? Or are you saying keep the training routine drop the calorie intake and let time and consistency do it's thing?


Definitely cut the calories. Whether or not you do the cardio is up to you.

You didn't mention any specifics about what you're doing for cardio though, I'd be interested to know how often you're doing it, and what you're doing.


Well the first 20 lbs came of with just weight training. I started morning fasted cardio last Monday doing mainly a hiit type training. The days off work I will also do a second cardio session after weight training as well. Same hiit type routine. If I do any cardio outside of that it will likely be about 4 on the speed and 7 on incline to keep the heart pumping for fat loss and not dip to the other side.

My weight routine is a 5x5 program of mainly all multi always starting with one of either squat or dead lift. I always superset to shorten the time in the gym and keep the heart rate up.


I agree with flip drop the calories if your worried about muscle loss then pay special attention to hitting your daily macros keeping protein and fats up while dieting is a good start the most important thing I think is to adjust your diet and caloric intake accordingly to weight loss too many people don't realise when you diet and lose weight your macros change as your body composition changes


I have used A LOT of ostarine, and it is almost impossible to lose weight on that shit. Don't get me wrong you can lose fat on it and recomp pretty well on it, but I have only ever been able to lose like 2lb on it, it really makes you hold on to too much weight to lose 20lbs. Even when I force myself into a pretty severe deficit on it, I don't lose at nearly the rate I should, I hold on to all lean muscle and just lose fat, albeit slower than I should given the cals I'm getting.

Plus it makes me very hungry and cheat all the time, but you don't really put on any fat. It does the opposite for others and lots of people complain about nausea and bowel irritation. (on an unrelated side note, anavar also makes me hungry as fuck, so I think my appetite reactions to compounds are the opposite of most people)


Thanks for the feedback guys. I see re comp may have been a better verbiage to have used. As I've noticed the last three weeks I have not lost weight but my measurements have changed drastically.

Not wanting to lean out completely as that's not my thing. In the near future I'd like to start a clean bulk and try to gain some size and strength. Aside of lifting right/ heavy and eating clean just upping calories I may need some suggestions on a little booster. I'm having blood work done in the next few weeks to check all my levels and see where I stand. Thanks again for the input and keep it coming!


u have problems after ostarine????... low libido -sex drive - hpta etc ...