Androgenic Properties of Testosterone

I need some advise here - I’m actually more interested in the androgenic
effects of testosterone/steroidal drugs. Are there any with a higher
androgenic to anabolic ratio?

I also understand that the enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone
to dehydrotestosterone. What brings about this enzyme? Since enzymes are
basically protein, is there any food/supplement one could ingest to up the
5-alphas? Are the side effects (Prostate cancer) substantiated? I’ve also
read that DHT is far more anabolic than testosterone - Is this true?


I’m not sure what you are looking for. Yes, methyltest is more androgenic than test…that by no means makes it a good choice for much of anything.

It would be easier to choose a drug based directly on what you need it for, as the androgenic/anabolic ratio is in many cases not particularily informative. i.e, for aggressiveness: tren or halo, for strength through water retention: anadrol, d-bol, test suspension.

to answer the second part of your question, many powerful steroids, such as winstrol and masteron are derived from DHT.

DHT does NOT have greater anabolic properties
than testosterone. Are you looking to increase
growth of facial and body hair ?
Duchaine claimed a diet high in protein would
lower DHT-but I´ve seen evidence that contradicts that statement.