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Androgenic Pheramones and Anabolic Progestins?

I’m using a product right now that combines a popular pheramone based anabolic/androgen and an anabolic progestin has a chemical name beginning with methoxy-gona. I’ve been using pharmaceutical and over the counter compounds for over ten years and have been training for 23 years. I was hesitant to try this stuff because I know some of it can shut you down pretty hard, so I’m using a conservative dose. A gain in strength without a lot of bloat and weight gain is my goal. If I notice pronounced edema or loss of libido I will stop immediately and begin my pct. If anyone has tried this stuff and has any suggestions please respond.

You are non-specific, dropping hints but no more, and leaving me with no idea what you’re talking about.

Ha man, how about the name of the product?


13 ethyl 3-methoxy-gona-2-5(10)-diene-17-1…this is the “Tren” PH.

It’s called “Nasty Mass” (I always thought naming products was a no-no) it contains Phera-plex and Max LMG. Been on it for about a week and not noticing too much negative sides. My libido is still holding steady and I’m not feeling like killing anyone. I’m mostly a performance-based lifter and not a bodybuilder, so an increase in reps or maximal weight in the bench press or faster 60 meter dash would be appreciated. Any feedback?

I appreciate that saying it contains “Phera-plex and Max LMG” appears to say what is in it, but those are names given by the seller and don’t mean anything to anyone else.

Phera Plex is another name for madol, aka DMT. The other compound, MaxLMG, contains one of the two formulations used in the so-called tren PHs (wink mentions the chemical structure above).

OK, I was wrong, someone else – whotookmyname – did know what those brand names refer to. I should have said most would not know from the names given by that specific supplier, while the commonly used or actual names would be clear.

Point was, I was trying to understand his posts but couldn’t make head or tail of “conservative dose” or what was in it, but was trying to. That’s all.

Indeed the chemical names or common steroidal names would be far preferable to brand names in an educational forum. Unfortunately, my familiarity with the aforementioned substances is a result of receiving PMs from people that have picked up gyno using them. So hint to the OP… keep your dose and cycle length moderate, and watch those nips carefully. Also OP, MaxLMG is a “prohormone”, not a “pheramone” (sic… “pheromone”).

Oh. That had me puzzled. (It’s not as if a company might not try claiming that their product was a pheromone derivative.)

The word prohormone is misused in general as well as I am sure almost all know.

It now means legal, OTC anabolic compounds.

The word prohormone is supposed to mean a compound that is converted to an active anabolic in the body, but almost all of the current “prohormones” are already active compounds and by definition are steroids.

Its difficult to even keep track of all the compounds because the companies often give them odd chemical names, changing the chemical name to appear new or different, despite using the exact same compound as other companies.

And many companies are even incorrectly naming their compounds to avoid bans or simply out of incompetence.

Since the previous ban, almost all of the PH’s are actually clones of the originals under different names.

No one actually calls their product superdrol, but it was the name of the original product. So people refer to any of the numerous and subsequent clones by that name so others know what they are talking about.

Same with pheraplex and halodrol, etc.

None of the current PH’s are actually called by those names, but are identical to the older/banned prohormone that carried that name originally.

Its a mess in general really.

I wanted to avoid writing out the entire chemical names on the bottle. I’m aware nomenclature is confusing with these products and companies use many names for the same compounds, so I wanted to use the names of products (like when people say dianabol when refering to methandrostenolone). Anyway, on many other sites they refer to Pheraplex as a “pheromone” which might be coincidental and not really a classification for the drug. I’m taking 50mg. a day of 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)dien-17-one, and 20mg. a day of 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol. I guess we’ll see if I get stronger or faster.