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Androgenic Effects in Males?

I’ve searched for this but didn’t find anything conclusive. Do any of the androgenic effects from steroids (well, testosterone mainly I guess) that occur in females (stronger jawbone, deepening of voice, facial hair, etc.) occur with males? Am I right in thinking these only occur in women whilst guys just get gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, etc., or is it less clear cut?

i get thicker stomach hair.

Its a drug so anything is possible. I read up on it a little bit and I think its possible. If your on an anti-E it might be possible. I might ask a docter if i were you.

most of the crazy changes you see on pros such as the enlarged forehead and jaw are a result of HGH usage.

Heh , I’d hit HGH just for them eyebrow bones and jaw…

Some guys I knew back in college who used heavily lost most or all of their hair, even their eyebrows; some got the heavy acne. These are hormones and affect everybody differently…

What about increased body hair and beard growth anything like that?

And if so, does it go away?

Most of the androgenic effects are from DHT, not directly from T.

Most of the effects are permanent, but acne is transient. As men get old, some androgenic effects fade, but part of that is from age.

I expect that increased body hair is permanent.

Some androgenic effects are simply sexual development and that has a natural terminal state. DHT is critical for the development of the male sex organs.