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Androgenic Acne - Help?

I’m covered. Chest, shoulders, back luckily not face. I don’t enjoy taking top off or even wearing a tank as its very very clear I’m on AAS. I have bad scaring on my back due to this and also my chest has had a recent break out. Anyone got any creams (Don’t want pills) To sort or help?

Lower the dose and/or stick to less androgenic compounds.

Otherwise, benzyl peroxide cream is helpful. One can buy a back brush to use in the shower etc. Personal hygiene is very important, AAS induce hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, personal hygiene is of pivotal importance when dealing with increased sebum production.

If you don’t want to look like you’re taking AAS… Then why are you taking them, at absurd dosages for a rec user too…

The back brush helped me a ton for TRT induced bacne.

I have tried that, Tea tree oil also.
I shower about 2 times a day even more if needed anytime I feel sweaty.
Also the last question is stupid, No one wants to look like they are on AAS.

Plenty of people wish to attain physiques that are otherwise not attainable naturally. It’s not a stupid question, if you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, then don’t train like a bodybuilder/use dosages that competitive bodybuilders would be touting.

If you’re using nearly a gram of tren + winny + clen, you’re going to look enhanced. Rich Piana even had a crew, “5%” I think it was called, those guys thrived off the notion of being enhanced. I believe the “enhanced athlete” crew does too.

If you can’t get rid of the acne. You’ll probably have to lower the dosages and/or switch to less androgenic compounds. Taking Roaccutane/c17AA AAS is a terrible idea (hepatotoxicity), or concurrently with tren (aggravates kidney stress)… As a generalisation Roaccutane is quite a harsh drug, so it’s a wise choice to stay away from it.

Perhaps go see a dermatologist, other options are available. Certain antibiotics can be used to treat moderate/severe acne. But like all medications, they aren’t free of risk. You’d have to discuss this with your doctor. I can’t imagine many doctors would be comfortable ethically prescribing acne meds to curb gear induced acne.

I apologise, I’m not trying to be a dick… I just can’t understand why you need to use soooo much gear (so frequently too). Do you work as a bouncer/in the security industry? Are you looking to compete?