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Androgen Receptors


This may be a good subject for Anthony Roberts to chime in on. I remember a while back while reading Author L Rea's "Building the Perfect Beast" (AMAZING book btw!), he talked about using something to clean out the androgen receptors and up-regulate them but he didn't go in-depth on what he used.

Does anyone know of a specific drug or supp I can use for that purpose? I imagine it would help greatly between cycles.


I'd like to know how the hell to do that as well.


I would like to know the answer to your question.

In addition (and related to Androgen receptors), I would also like to have some more information/discussion on the other side of the ledger regarding testosterone.

As I see it gaining the benefits of testosterone could be attempted two ways. Firstly the supply side of the equation, either providing/encouraging more exogenous or endogenous testosterone (for example taking testosterone or Alpha Male to increase test levels)

Secondly, the use side of the equation, making better use of the testosterone that is available. This side is rarely discussed in detail from what I have seen.

For example, do weight trainers have lower testosterone because they have better uptake of testosterone at receptor sites? Does the efficiency of that uptake increase? How? By what methods?

Related then to your initial question, what means are available to 'get the most' out of your available testosterone? Clearing out your receptor sites or increasing the number of receptor sites would be ways I would imagine.

If anyone can shed light on this it would be interesting.


Actually, in this case, you should be reading the other Roberts, not me.

Of course, I'm talking about Bill Roberts. He wrote a very good piece on Androgen Receptor Regulation, several years ago, where he explained everything about down regulation and upregulation that you'd ever need to know.


Here is a link to it



I used the wrong terminology in my original post. I meant how do you increase AR sensitivity? I have heard that thyroid hormone does this. Anything else?