Androgen Receptors

Can somebody (Bill Roberts maybe) tell me exactly what receptors, let alone androgen receptors actually are. Where are they located (cellular level ??), what do they do how does the body use them ? I am looking for a little education in this area.


Receptors are molecules, or assemblies of molecules, in cells which bind certain other molecules that signal them, and when binding them have some activity. For example, the androgen receptor binds androgens, and when it does so, then has the activity of increasing the rate of production of mRNA from some genes in the DNA.

The androgen receptor is located in the cytoplasm of the cell (as opposed to many other receptors which are in the membrane of the cell.)

Several articles I have on Mesomorphosis should assist for further detail. Hope this helps!

Bill, thanks for the reply. I will check out some of the your articles.