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Androgen Receptors Sensitivity After Cycle

Hello, I havent touched steroids since october 2018 and my last pct attempt was on april with clomid and aromasin. My last bloodwork (last week) came out normal exept for the high lh
LH - 12.43 mIU/ml 1.7 - 8.6
Ε2 -: 29.81 pg/ml 27.1 - 60.7
Total Testosterone : 7.24 ng/ml 2.49 – 8.36
SHBG : 49.6 nmol/l 16,5-55,9
But i still had some erection problems and i found an endocrinologist who is specialized in post steroids problems. He said that with my steroid use (2 cycles of test 600mg for 3 months each) i may have damaged the androgen receptors and thats why they dont respond as well as they should to the testosterone. What do you guys think??

Thanks in advance

I just watched a YT video about this, basically said it’s a myth and doesn’t happen. I’m not sold tho

yeah i ve heard that it could be a myth too. It does makes sence though…otherwise how can ed problems and watery semen be explained with high testosterone and normal e2? (and normal prolactin, forgot to post the results before)

Right. And for me I seem to need a higher amount of test on my TRT (280mg) to get a higher FT & relieve symptoms. Could that be because of all the long & half-assed cycles a did before & now the receptors are shot? Maybe

he used an example of people who dont have body hair. He said these people have normal t but they dont have receptors and thats why the dont grow hair. He suggested some supplements NAC, CoQ10 and selenium which are supposed to increase the sensitivity of the receptors. About your situation yeah it could be.I ll keep you posted about the results of these supplements (he said that they may take at least a month to work) and if they work you could try them

Yeah keep me posted. I need to watch the video again and take notes this time. Never had a problem with hair, and have even more now on TRT, but anything to help heal or open up the receptors is a good idea

androgen receptor down regulation after use of massive doses (though 600mg isn’t particularly ridiculous) DOES cause AR downregulation, however like all things relating to equilibrium, after the dose goes back to TRT and/or you recover for a period of time, the androgen receptors will re-sensitize.

So exogenously administered anabolic steroids initially up regulate, increase the density of and synthesize NEW androgen receptors! Over a period of time the body down regulates these receptors to attempt to re-attain homeostasis. Literature has demonstrated years after AAS use however morphological changes with regard to the density/amt of androgen receptors in the shoulders and trapezius muscles are still present, highlighting the possibility of a long term effect (we know anabolic steroids may have long term detrimental consequences be it cardiovascular, neurological or related to nephrotoxicity and whatnot)

If you’re AR truly are desensitised, you’d probably notice a dramatic loss of muscle mass, facial hair/secondary sexual characteristics becoming less attenuated and/or slower to re-appear.

L-carnitine can increase the density and upregulate existing androgen receptors

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I keep hearing good things about l-carnitine but what dose are we talking here?

Most people tell me it’s just another bullshit supplement.

But I am curious.

What dose of L-Carn are we talking about here?

I take 2-4 grams of acetyl L-carintine a day. Besides the androgen sensitivity thing it also helps clear up any mental fog and gives me a little extra energy.

For what its worth I think a lot of supplements are complete garbage and money pits. I take a handful of multis, taurine, AL-Car, liver supplements, and prostate supplements and thats it. I say this because there is some guys who take everything under the sun and swear by it like they work for thw company making it.

I just had another bloodwork cause i didnt really believe the whole androgen receptor desensitization thing. I only tested free Testosterone and prolactin cause everything else was tested less than a month ago Here are my results
Free T: 17.0 pg/ml 13.0 - 41.0
Prolactin: 24ng/ml 3.5 - 19.4
And here is the previous bloodwork from a month ago
LH - 12.43 mIU/ml 1.7 - 8.6
Ε2 -: 29.81 pg/ml 27.1 - 60.7
Total Testosterone : 7.24 ng/ml 2.49 – 8.36
SHBG : 49.6 nmol/l 16,5-55,9

First of all it seems weird to have such low free t with high total t and normal/high SHBG but the symptoms agree with the free T test.
The doctor said that free t bloodwork is not reliable and that the prolactin isnt also… cause even if you walk a little before the bloodwork it can be raised.
What do you guys think?

Just an update to help anyone having similar problems… It was the damn prolactin all along.
Started dostinex 0.25 2 times a week and erections are back 110%. So the whole theory that if testosterone is high then prolactin doesnt play a role in ed is bullshit. Mine wasnt even that high according to the doc but still in just a week of caber i am back…I also started boron to lower my shbg and low dose clomid for 3 days out of desperation cause i had a date with a hot girl and i wanted to be able to perform…But it was the dostinex that did the trick…Anyway thanks for your help guys