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Androgen Receptor


Maybe this is a dumb question, but I was reading up on a tren / test cycle and started to wonder, if tren has 3x the affinity for the androgen receptor wouldnt it outcompete the test as far as binding goes? If so, why even bother with the test?


What are you going to for a source of estrogen if you dont include test? You didnt mention dbol or hCG, thats why I ask.


Not all androgen activity is at the receptor.

But yes there is certainly a point of diminishing returns with higher doses and multiple compounds.


The basic premise is flawed.

A given amount of trenbolone plus some amount of testosterone results in more total binding than that same amount of trenbolone without the added testosterone.

The "outcompete" thinking doesn't have any application here. When the receptor is binding a molecule of testosterone, it's not smacking itself on the forehead and saying Man I could'a had a V8.

It is working just as effective as if it had bound trenbolone, and if the testosterone molecule had not happened to be there at the moment due to not taking any testosterone, it would not necessarily be the case that a trenbolone molecule would have been. So, worst case is that it's just a different molecule bound and in this instance this is a difference that makes no difference; or in the best case the AR is activated when otherwise it would not be.