Androgen Receptor Expert Educates Us

An expert talks on the subject and clarifies.

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Does Testostorone down regulate receptors? Nope. The opposite.

The fear that we will desensitize our body with to much TRT is a big negative.

This interview is with a man who is a specialist in this field and in research.

I watched this live and actually enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see his blast & cruise thoughts

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Ditto. So many myths we have were just discussed.

Ure obsessed with that channel.

Yup :slight_smile:

I’m a moderator there. I work with the other moderators and speak to the docs when I have questions. They post studies to back up their suggsstions.

It’s better than the suggestions made from self realized treatment and bro science. Everything I suggest is from those sources.

yeah, there havent been nearly enough studies to claim what is optimal and whats not with males on TRT, thats why there are thousands of men who do not respond well to the protocols they are talking about there. Ditching AI no matter what, e2 is very good and u should have it as high as possible blabla, sounds great in theory, doesnt always work in practise.


Right sure not enough studies on estrogen in men and free t in men or hormone at all. Because you have so many sources for your negligence. Continue on tell me more of what you know. Your so well educated on the subject after spending time on a forum. I had no clue tnation was a school for trt. Bravo we have a genius here.


You’re always so defensive? Whats up with that?

Are you insecure about your knowledge, or lack thereof, on TRT so you are trying to compensate by saying only your “experts” know about TRT?


Here is the thing. As a TRT advocate, I have been since 2009, I appreciate anyone talking about, discussing and educating people about the benefits of TRT.

Most people in the business are in it for a reason, cause it changed their life, it is not about money. The way you continue to tell everyone only your experts know what they are talking about, touting peer reviewed literature of which you never seem to share, and telling people how dumb they are, just screams to the top of the mountains that you are FULL BLOWN newb.

Many of us, who have been around a while, have seen your type come and go time and time again. Maybe just spare us the insults and try to prove just 1 one of your points, because to this date, I have yet to see it.

You should be happy people are talking about TRT because of the black cloud that followed it for so long, I know I am.

Maybe since you are newb you don’t remember how it used to be…


Please elaborate on how defensive I am and how you can read my mind and intentions. You simply don’t like what I have to say and how I say it. Get over it.

I’m seeing lots of variation in symptoms related to estrogen levels and that some men can handle high estrogen while others cannot, the AI is given or injection frequencies are increased and symptoms vanish when the only thing that changed is T to E2 ratios increased, testosterone higher in relation to estrogen.

It’s not possible for everyone to have the same T to E2 ratios in a world with biochemical individuality. The last 4 months I’ve had a Total T of 97-119 and estrogen must be 300% lower than when my Total T was 419 when estrogen was 33. I’ve had erections this entire time and have been able to function just fine, this tells me I have especially sensitive receptors if I’m able to function in this manner.

How many men do you know can have morning erections every morning and throughout the day at these levels? Most guys have low libido <450 and I can’t stop staring at women, of course I’m sure my hypersexuality has some part to play in all of this.

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Even if someone doesn’t get symptoms does not mean it is not bad for them though. Thats why women take Tamoxifen for breast cancer, cause thats what estrogen does, it proliferates tissue.

This is why men who crash their E2 get no positive effect muscle wise, because it is E2 that drives the increase in tissue.

It can do the same thing to any tissue, like prostate cancer or breast cancer. Telling older guys it is ok to keep their E crazy high is dangerous in my opinion.

Nobody goes out and tries to purposely increase their E on trt. They simply increase their Trt dose until they feel good.

This is old, but in 2022, people are still running around acting like the no ai group is telling people to specificaly raise E.

Nobody said that, not dr. nichols, not Dr. Rouzier. None of the experts say this.

The guy you are responding to has been banned for a few years now. Just FYI.