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Androgen Receptor Competition

I’ve tried searching the webs, can’t find a whole lot on this.

Will certain compounds reduce the effectiveness of testosterone by out competing it for the receptor?

If one was to take YK11 for example while also using 200mgs of test is he going to really reduce the testosterones effect on the body?

I’ve read something about DHEA before that said even though it sometimes binds to the androgen receptor it activates it with a strength of magnitudes lower what testosterone does, and it actually makes your body less androgenic/anabolic because of this.

As I understand androgen receptors it would be very hard to take the amount of steroids necessary to always have every receptor engaged. Most of these hormones (without an ester attached) only have a maximum of 24 hour half life I don’t know if they last longer if they are engaged to a receptor. We have probably millions of places for any given hormone to engage, receptors, shbg, Aromatase enzyme, ect. So the test has to make it by or through the shbg, and the enzyme to get to the receptor then it engages for a period and then breaks down and then that receptor is able to be engaged again. We would have to have some crazy high doses to always have a testosterone molecule lined up to engage the receptor the second the prior test molecule breaks down. Think about it, those pros take crazy high doses for a reason if they were not getting added results at that high of a dose they wouldn’t waist the money. Now I don’t think they are getting the most bang for the buck when they go that high because they are past the point of diminishing returns but they are still getting benefits. I just don’t think we normal mortal men can ever dose enough testosterone or other hormone at a rate or frequency to always have every receptor engaged. But I am not a doctor.

YK11 is that a SARM? If you are taking the plunge and injecting testosterone then save the money from the SARMs and buy another bottle of test. They are just half measures in my mind for people who don’t want to break the law or who can’t inject themselves. You are already past the point so.

DHEA I am not up on this as much as I should be but if memory serves me it is actually in the AAS family. The reason it didn’t get band with other AAS or prohormones is it doesn’t return any appreciable results. If I remember it does help older people feel younger like more energy and vitality so of course the old guys in the Senate and Congress wouldn’t outlaw it.

Hopefully some more members will chime in I am interested to see if any of us have extended knowledge on how the receptors engage and for how long that test molecule does engage the receptor.

I actually picked up the YK11 from a friend who decided against it. It’s actually really interesting stuff if you read the very little literature there is out there on it. Structurally very similar to DHT. Appears to also have oral methylation and potential liver risks. Is selective in the androgen receptor activation and doesn’t appear to do much on its own other than that it’s a really potent myosatin inhibitor. Releases alot of follistatin. I’m already using test.

Was just curious about that. Everything you said makes sense. Pros wouldn’t stack compounds ontop of test if they cancelled each other out or competed too hard.

Thanks for the thoughts

If my copy and paste work for this link this is a pretty good overview of just general knowledge we can all use to help up line out stacks for future cycles. It’s actually the write up that got me to start looking through this site and then I realized the knowledge base here so I made a profile. Obviously it only covers AAS but I bet with a little searching you could find something like this about the different SARMs out there. It does touch on how some compounds actually act independently from the androgen receptors.