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Androgen Question for Bill

Bill, I recently did a Mag-10 cycle, and made incredible gains, but put on a little fat. I was dieting Don’t Diet style, but a friend of mine is about to embark on the Female Fat Fast, and I would like to do it with her (male version) to offer support and lose my fat quickly in the process.

However, as the Fat Fast requires the use of an androgen to maintain mass, I have some concerns. I was taking Mag-10 until 4/24. I've been off for 5 days, will be 12 when we start the Fat Fast; next Monday, obviously.

Now, I just picked up Tribex and M, as well as a bottle of Androsol. I also have half a bottle of Mag-10, a bottle of Methoxy-7, as well as MD6 and T2-Pro. I'm just trying to figure out when and how to use these.

Would it be best to start taking Tribex and M now, and then stop during the Fat Fast, and then go back on? Or should I just start after the Fat Fast? Also, I'm assuming Androsol would be best suited for this situation, and I should save my Mag-10 for my next bulking cycle?

I'm really trying to get this all organized; been driving me crazy. Another concern is inhibition, obviously. If it is your recommendation, I would put off starting the diet for another week, and just keep eating P/C and P/F meals until then.

Any and all of your advice would be greatly valued. Thanks in advance.

bumpin it up…any ideas?

I aint Bill but can help you out: I would keep on the tribex and M during the start of the diet, but after two weeks of tribex and M start androsol, and you can stay on tribex for a week more if you like. I would apply 70 sprays in the morning for the duration of the diet, about 6 weeks or so I hopefully assume. You can throw in MD6 and t2 once you start the diet without a problem. Methoxy can go nicely during any time.

I ditto Dirk’s advice - that would be a good strategy. I just did similiar diet strategy and worked well. You’ll need 3 bottles of Androsol for 70 sprays morning only to last 6 weeks (1 bottle will last 2 weeks @ 70 sprays AM only). I would use the methoxy for 2 weeks with tribex and M after ending the Androsol. If you can afford it, I would use another bottle of Methoxy with the Tribex and M for the 2 weeks before Androsol also, as I think Methoxy is potent supp to maintain muscle. Add in the MD-6 and T2 PRO and you very well could gain another pound or 2 of muscle while losing the fat. With a diet supp regimen like this, you can drop calories pretty low but keep protein at 1.5 g/lb. Good luck.

Thanks for all the info guys, but I have another question…I was only planning on doing the diet for three weeks; I’m at 10-12% right now (Tanita says 10.3, but obviously not dead on.) I wan’t to get down do about 6%, which should theoretically be only an 8-10 pound loss, or thereabouts. I was thinking 3 weeks of very restricted calories, in addition fo zero carbs and intense workouts/cardio would be enough…agree or disargree?

So, based on what info I've got so far, here is my basic plan: From now until monday: cals just below maintence, Tribex and M as per label instructions. As of monday: 70 AM sprays of Androsol, MD6, T2-Pro, and restricted cals. That will be for three weeks. After that, Tribex, M, Methoxy-7, as per label instruction while slowly bumping cals up. May or maynot stay on MD6 and T2 depending on need. How does that sound?

should be just fine, except since restricting calories for three weeks at an extreme, I would use the methoxy during the three weeks of dieting, will help retain more than loosing. Fat wise in three weeks Im guessing you can loose up to ten pounds at the most, won’t be all fat though.

Even with the Androsol and Methoxy, you still think I’ll lose a signigicant amount of muscle? Should I bump up the androsol? Maybe 50 AM, and 50 PM sprays? I really don’t want too lose any mass. I know ZERO is not possible, but I’d like to keep it down to a pound or so. Need helps, guys…starting on monday I need to cement my attack plan. Thanks for much =)

Well, if your gonna cut calories a significant amount, muslce loss will be about two to three pounds Im guessing and from experiences. I would just stick to the 70 sprays am, but if you can 50 am and pm will definately help a bit more than am. This isn’t an unusual approach to get rid of those last pesky pounds, the plan you have layed out so far should fit perfectly. Good luck.

Thanks again, bro. I think I’ll do 50/50 sprays. I should have enough andro. If I did 70/70, the bottle would last ~12 days, so at 50/50 it should be about ~17, if my math is correct. Not quite three weeks, but at that point I’ll either pick up another bottle of Andro or Methoxy, depending on need. Thanks again for all your helps, guys.