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Just received my script of 150-androgel 1%(12.5mg). what strength is this. I do four pumps, which I think is 5grams a day. My T-Level was 235, and I'm 44. Where are you guy's with the androgel? will it help me in the gym also?


i was perscribed the same amount except the gel.
i kinda think that at first i noticed a small difference overall.
due to the price and crappy insurance i started taking RED KAT and feel about the same.
however do feel more "aroused" more often.
gf is loving it, me too, go figure hehe.
hope it works for you better then it did for me.


I told my trt doctor that androgel was going to be too expensive ($6-7 a day out of pocket) and he told me that no one should use androgel if they have to pay for it themselves,w/o insurance help.

There are options. Test Cypionate 100mg injections weekly are like $20/month.

Or, get a prescription plan. It would cost way less for the prescription plan then paying for androgel out of pocket.

And, just so you know, there are generic androgel products that are less expensive.

Finally, your comparison between androgel and redkat is ridiculous. If you really have a problem, fix it, don't just screw around with otc stuff.



I was placed on that and didn't feel much different. In checking the #'s I only went up from 210 to the low 400's. My doc then placed me on Testim (the little tubes) and I got much better results, into the high 5's, low 6's. The dose is about the same as the pumps, but for some reason, the Testim boosted me up more.

As for effects, my lifts weren't really affected, but I definitely have more energy and, well, horniness, with either gel. In that respect, the stuff works great.


Thanks to all. this is my fourth day using it, havent really felt much differnt, how long does it take to get in the system for results?


It'll take anywhere from a week to 3 months to notice much difference. It's far better to get a blood draw 2 weeks after initiating the gel, to get an objective score for effectiveness.

If Androgel doesn't work out, try Testim. I found, like a previous poster, that it works much better for me.


Yea, it's technically the same shit, but for some reason, the Testim seems to absorb better. It usually takes about a week for it to kick in fully. I have my blood work done about once a month, and the differences between on and off #'s wise is amazing.


What HH said is true. Androgel works well for me. But not for everybody. Good Luck!


Even though I don't care for Androgel, its still the first place to start. Testim stinks and is more 'sticky' than Androgel. Testim also comes in these shitty tubes, so you need needlenose pliers to get it all out.

Try Androgel first.


i am on 10mgs a day of androgel and still have extreamly low t levels.tried testim for one day stuff never really dried my shit stuck to it.has anybody else had similar results as headhunter using testim instead of testim?


i had a brain fart i mean testim instead of androgel


I really have no clue how Androgel cannot work for some people on here. When I was diagnosed with hypogonadism, my level was 290. My level tested one week ago is 968 with 7.5 g of Androgel.


About 5% of men, according to Solvay, won't get results. Count your blessings.


me being one of them!


i was on androgel for 4 months went from 240 -310..not worth $260 a month now im getting cyp shots from an endo $101 a bottle i got 200 mg every 2 weeks ...




Yeah, that damn gel is expensive! It probably cost them about a buck to make a whole damn package.

Look into compounded test. Its cheaper, but finding a compounding pharmacist can be a pain. If you can, you can avoid the needle.


I was prescribed Anodrogel (packets) for 6+ months. Do the Crohns disease I had/have for 12 years. The Prednisone I was on and off for 10 years, did real good job messing up my body. It didn't do anything for accept empty my pockets.


I have been on the packets for around 3 months now (good insurance coverage), and noticed a positive difference right away: more energy, more sexual arousal, decreased irritability and an increased focus on life. Lifts have not dramatically improved (gym focus did, however), but I am in the midst of cutting carbs in preparation for summer so that is to be expected.

Interesting, since the daylight savings time change I have noticed a decrease in the effects. I am hoping that will go away once by body rhythms get used to the shift.


been awhile since ive been back to this post.
comguy1, thanks for the info and the advice.
i would be guessing that i do have a problem, due to the fact that my pcp put me on the andro. i think i went through 4 boxes, maybe 5.
maybe i didnt give it long enough, but never did really notice any real difference, i kinda think i might have felt something, if ya know what i mean.
so thats why im saying that the RED KAT was about the same.
i do notice that im gaining lbm quickly enough that it kinda surprizes me.
i attribute this to the RED KAT because im not using the andro any longer.
in general i feel good, some mornings even like im wanting my own haram even.
but will deff check out your advice with my doc and see whats up, thanks.