My doc did a testosterone test on me and found my high level was normal, but my low level was below normal. He perscribed me Androgel, 5mg doses applied every morning. As soon as he said ‘testosterone suppliment’, it was back to pumping iron for me after a 2.5 year break. I do realize that the effect will not be extravagant, but it will assist in muscle development.

Here comes the question: Due to my home and work schedule, I don’t hit the weight until night time. Should I stop applying the gel in the morning, as perscribed, and start applying prior to workout to get the most out of it? If so, about how long prior to a workout? Thank you.

Well, like you said, the results might not be extravagant with a “supplements worth” of test just for theraputic use only. I’ll honestly say I don’t know too much about “Androgel”, but I’ll take a stub at this using common sense.

I don’t think the gel you are using would be in and out of your system as quickly as you might think. Your guess is that by taking it in the morning, it will be diminished by the time you hit the weights in the evening. I think your application will stay ALOT longer in your system, for HOURS at a time. Common sense would make be believe that an Androgel as such would be long lasting to prevent “spikes or slopes” in your hormonal levels (it’s for HRT, right?) Make sense?

Now, with that said, I suggest 2 things. These suggestions are ONLY BASED UPON THE FACT YOU MIGHT WANT TO USE YOUR “SUPPLEMENT” FOR BODYBUILDING PURPOSES. First, triple your application… go from 5mg per day to 15mg per day. Second, apply it at 3 different times in the day (ie. morning, noon, and night). This should give you a little more kick and should even out your blood levels and keep them constant.

But who the fuck am I? I’m not your doctor. This is just my personal opinion. If it were me, I’d definitely try it…

…then again, if it were me, I’d tell my doctor to scrap the gel and prescribe me the hardcore shit and give me unlimited refills LOL.

bobzan, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sharing what your T readings were?

All of a sudden mine have tanked BIG time. Used to run about 350 to 400 which isn’t too bad for someone who is almost 60. At my last checkup they were 70. Yup, that is a 7 with a 0. They scheduled an MRI for me next Thursday to see if I may have developed a tumor on my pituitary gland which would be suppressing its ability to make T. If that comes back clean, he wants to put me on Androgel. He said that was better than the injections because with the shots every 2 weeks you tend to get major highs and lows in T levels…assuming, of course, that you just follow the recommended regimen. He said that should bring me back up to about 450 and that would satisfy me.

Androgel is the most mildest test product ever. It is so mild, you won’t even see the results.
You WILL see the results from working out after a 2.5 year hiatus though.


androgel should be banned, period. I say this because you can give your wife/girlfriend and children testosterone without even knowing. I stopped using because of these same reasons. I sweat a lot and during sex my wife was getting her dose of testosterone from my sweat. She even grow a little hair on her right shoulder - I applied it on my left shoulder. I stopped immediately and the doctor put me on Depo-testosterone. Another thing, even though your lab tests will should your t-levels in normal range do you really feel that much better? I didn’t even though my lab results showed normal levels. Androgel works for some, but the vast majority will do a lot better with some form of injectable testosterone ester