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Androgel vs. Testim II


Got my bloodwork back. After 6 weeks or so on Testim, my Test went from 366 ng/dl to 420. My free-test (the usable Test) was very low with Androgel but is near the top of the range with Testim. I was on Androgel for about 5 months BTW.

For me, I have to conclude that Testim is the superior product in terms of results.


I started on Androgel for 3 mos,my ins. didn,t cover that so i switched to Testim, i really didn't feel any difference between the two,i did notice the Testim seemed to stay a little sticky after application.
BTW after the new year my ins. switched and didn't tell me, now they cover Androgel and not Testim.



Funny they'd do that -- Testim was about $20 cheaper for me. Androgel raised my T, but did little to raise my free T. If you don't feel better, ask the doc to test for free and SBHG.

I'd love to just do 400 mg of Test Cyp every week and screw these gels!



I agree. Testim is by far superior to androgel. Haven't had any blood tests done as to the actual levels of my testosterone (while on Testim), but the overall "feeling" of Testim is ALOT better than androgel.



I'm really starting to feel better, now that I'm on Testim. My students (hs science teacher) don't like it because now I've got lots more energy, so guess what happens :)? I don't know what the difference is between the two gels, but Testim just absolutely rocks!!


Resurrecting an old thread here...

How long did it take you to feel differently while on Testim?



Been a while but probably about 2 weeks.

I got a really wierd blood test result lately though. My total T was down, but almost all of it was free or weakly bound by SHBG. That was below minimum.

I'm now considering throwing in the towel on the gels and just doing cyp once/week. All I want is for my T to be in the high-normal range with a reasonable % free or weakly free.

Note that this test was just before I went on the Warrior diet, so the diet didn't influence the blood work.


After going through all the crap i've been through,androgel,testim,and back to androgel,now i have just started test cyp inj. i can say that the inj. is far faster acting than the gels!Just two days after the first inj.and got morning wood for the first time in ages.Generaly i am feeling much better now,not so tired,crisper mind,and the pumps at the gym,Damn!!! Anyway the inj. is for me now.It would be hard to go back to the gels.


I have given up on the gels. My skin is probably too thick or something, because they worked a little, but were pretty weak. Testim was better than Androgel, IMO.

The cyp shot didn't hurt at all. The nurse used a 21 gauge needle and its one big mf'n needle, but I was really surprised by the lack of pain.

Fuck the gels. Get the shots.

BTW: I'm going to have the nurse teach me how to self-inject. It's really not a bad experience at all.



i am having pretty much the same results with gels how much did your doc perscibe for the shots?


i am having pretty much the same results with gels how much did your doc perscibe for the shots?


300 mg/cyp every 3 weeks.

You get the shot in a large muscle right by your hip, with a 1 1/2" needle. It was almost as painless as you could imagine -- I was really shocked that someone could stick me like that and it wouldn't hurt.

Its quite different from an IV, where the nurse hunts around for 'just the right spot'. Those, to me, are very painful.


So far i have had three test cyp.inj.and feel by far better than i ever did on the gels.For now i have a friend that is a RN so once a week she drops by and pops me in the delt,not bad at all.I have a little soreness for a couple of days and that's all.My friend is going to teach me to self inject properly.Also check out my thread on test injections,some other guys have given me some help there also.Right now i'm doing 1ml a week test cyp,and 1ml a week hcg.So far on weekly injections i hav'nt noticed any fluctions like i have read some get on the every 2 to 3 week injections.


Thanks Dave. I'll look up your thread.


wheres your thread located?


It's on page 2 of this forum,"Test injections"