Androgel Usage, Test 'Too High'

I’ve been on Androgel for 2 years. I was disappointed it only raised my T into the lower ‘normal’ levels, and doc wouldn’t up my dose, so I looked for ways to improve absorbtion. The product warning says NOT to apply to nutsack… Guess where a little started going. My last 2 blood tests came back with high T, over 1000. So warning, do not put it on your nutsack because it could drive T too high…

I just got a test result back of over 3,000 on both free and total T after aout 1.5 months !! WTF? My Dr freaked out ! I am applying a bioidentical cream as dircted to inner lower arms…I have a retest pending the dose is 1CC 100 MG/ML…could the sample have been contaminated? I had applied the cream about 1 hr before the test.

If you applied the cream on the inner lower arms, there is a good chance that at some point before the blood draw that some had been rubbed on the forearms. When the vacutainer was inserted into a vein on the lower arm, some of the testosterone from the cream was probably drawn up with the blood, which would give some incredibly high readings. This would also explain why the free T would be identical to the Total T. The next time you apply gel the day of a blood draw apply it to the shoulders.

Exact same thing happened to me. T at 3,000 total & free. Doc had a heart attack. I told him was prolly bad test and retested at believable levels after I applied the cream after the test…DUH !