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Androgel TOO Strong

With all the negative responses from Androgel on here, I thought I’d post an experience I’m having, and see what everyone’s thoughts are.

I had my T levels checked over several weeks about four months ago. Highest total T was 290. Considered low normal, but I’m 36, and my endocrinologist was willing to write me a script for Androgel in the pump, and told me to take 1/2 the normal dose, or 2.5 grams per day. Obviously that didn’t sound like much to me.

Well, the pharmacy only had the 5 gram packets, and I don’t know if they screwed up, or if it was because it was packets, but they gave me the packets, in a quantity good for the same length of time (so, I was given enough for 5 grams per day.) Needless to say, I’ve been using the full 5 grams, double what my doctor recommended.

I’m also taking Designer Supplements Rebound XT as an anti-aromatase /anti-estrogen, at 2 caps per day, as well as Alpha Male, 3 caps twice a day (now 2 caps twice a day, with the new version) although I don’t know if it could make a difference while taking the Androgel.

Anyway, I went for follow up blood work after being on the Androgel fro 8 weeks. I got a call from the Endro office yesterday via voicemail, saying to STOP taking the Androgel, that my Testosterone levels were now TOO high, and that the Dr. wanted to be sure I was only taking 2.5 grams per day. I haven’t gotten the specific numbers as of yet, but I will certainly post them when I call on Monday.

Given all the negative feedback about Androgel, I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, or thought it possible for Androgel at 5 mgs to raise T levels THAT drastically? Could the Alpha Male and Rebound XT be having that much of an impact?

Hard to believe, though you might be one of the “super responders”.

Is there any chance that the blood sample pierced skin that had been spread with the Androgel earlier? If the needle passes through androgel treated skin it will pick up an abnormally large amount of androgel and skew your blood test results.

Unless you actually feel like your T level is supraphysiologic (as in horny as hell, kind of a light head buzz going on soon after application, etc…) then it’s probably a false reading.

I’d ask for a retest and make absolutely sure that you don’t spread any androgel near where the blood is drawn from.

Good point, and one I never would have thought of. I put on the Androgel first thing in the morning after a shower, as prescribed, then went immediatly to the Dr’s for bloodwork. probably 60 minutes later, they were sticking a needle into the very arm where I apply the Androgel.