Androgel/Test. How to Maximize this Product?

I was given a prescription for Androgel 5mg per day. Is there any OTC meds or supplements that maximize the muscle building properties of Androgel? Thank you in advance for your input. Has to be legit. Or, any advice on what to talk to the Doc about in order to get and additional script?


and Carrotz

5 mg a day?

The doctor must be playing a joke on you.

OK so the 5mg per day is low? Are you saying I should campaign for a larger dose? I am OK with that, any suggestions on how to sell it?

5 mg would be not just low, but so far off as to be beyond any reason.

I don’t recall what Androgel dosing is, but it’s vastly higher, due to being a truly poor delivery system.

It couldn’t be so awful as to require 5 grams of testosterone though.

Maybe it might be 5 grams (not mg) of gel. Dunno.

Idiot mistake on my part. You are correct. It is 5 grams. Damm I am a rookie.

Not to worry.

Anyway, there’s nothing really to maximize the effects, other than striving to convert it to an injectable, which I’ve never done.

It would be worthwhile to be tested for estrogen levels, and if your estradiol is higher than midrange, to control it with letrozole (my preference.)

This would not maximize muscle building properties of the Androgel itself, but might improve natural T production so your total amount would be greater.

i also was giving androgel as well… but ive decided to go ahead with my planned cycle though…