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Hello all,
I am really having a hard time on deciding what to do here. My doc started me on Androgel a few months ago. My TST levels have not changed, so he decided to raise my dosage from 2 pumps to 3. I am significantly overweight and have gynecomastia.

Anyway, he also is putting me on Tomaxifen. Anyone had any experience with this? Or has anyone has experience mixing the two? Any input would be sooooo greatly appreciated.

Read the stickies.

You are not absorbing and sometimes this is associated with low thyroid levels. Get tested: TSH, fT3, fT4.

Check body temps and iodine intake, ‘advice for new guys’ sticky.

Androgel and similar products create the highest levels of estradiol.

And some simply do not absorb transdermal T. Injections are 100% bio-available, and least cost.

Yes, use a SERM. That will protect you from high estrogen levels, but does not decrease estrogen levels. You need an aromatase inhibitor [AI] to lower estrogens and the drug of choice is anastrozole. You may need both for a while.

  • Start injecting, use SERM+AI for while.
  • Read the stickies.
  • Get recommend lab work
  • Post lab work with ranges
  • Check body temps and iodine intake.