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Androgel 'Spray'?

This may have been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything on a search.

What do you guys think of mixing Androgel with 99% isopropyl alcohol, ala ‘finaplix’? If it works for a delivery system for 4-ad, fina, and now 11-T, would making androgel into a "spray-on’ increase the absorption rate?

I’d love to hear Bill Roberts’s take on this.

Under the tounge mixed with isopropyl might be more effective.

I really cant comment intelligently on this, my only experience with 4AD was oral.

I read Bill’s response in the 11-T thread, and it sounds like a good idea. I have used Androgel for HRT in the past and would be curious how much could/should be desolved into a topical sprayer with 99% alcohol?

I have made a transdermal from synovex & ethyl alcohol (& a little DMSO). It seemed to work fine. I wouldn’t use it for a full-fledged “cycle”, but it seemed to keep my test levels up when I was in a situation where I was unable to access my regular gear.

I am getting ready to do it again for use while travelling.

Yes, I was pleased that Bill Roberts took the time to respond, and did confirm that this was an “excellent idea”.

I mixed one 5 gram androgel pack with 5ml of alcohol, yielding 10ml total, which is 70 sprays of the old Androsol 4-ad sup (I still have a bottle left).

I mixed up about four days worth to try it, 4 packs of androgel, and 20ml alcohol. Seemed to spray fine, and I’m SURE I got more skin coverage with 70 sprays than just rubbing the gel on. We’ll see what the real world results are!

Please let us know what kind of results you see. I’ve always felt that their had to be a more effective way to access the test in Androgel, rather than the miniscule amount that is bioavailable in the recommended application.