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Androgel Source


Hi Guys - haven't been on here for a long while (what happened to Southern Girls "fitness pics?)but I ma back an need a little assist. Have a script for Androgel, but Anthem refuses to pay for it, and it is about $1,000 for 3 months. Too much.

I tried searching the forums, and the net is full of spammy looking crap sites, no luck.
Does anyone know of a REAL Canadian pharmacy or similar that will have this? I have a real Script and a cool doc, so that is not the issue.


My recommendation is to look in to switching to the injection. Going online for meds is, generally, stupid - there is no guarantee that the product you're getting is what it claims to be, nor any guarantee that it won't end up hurting you.

Injections are relatively cheap - usually not much over $100 for ~3-6 months.


Southern Girl was another attention monger in desperate need of genuflection from horny men on computers.

Did you try having your doctor write an appeal to your health insurance provider. My doctor did that with my old provider and it worked.

(Waiting for KSMan.)


Does anthem cover Testim, which works better than Androgel on average. Or you can see if they cover Testopel. Testopel costs fifty bucks every 3 to 4 months for me.



I am not averse to pins, or trying something else. I had a script for Androgel before, was on for 18 months and it worked like a charm, took me from 290 to 628 and I was fine.

I will see if my doc can change the script, but first I think I should hunt down KSman's posts ans such.

My intentions are to work the T till 6 weeks form now, when my levels get checked, then use up a couple bottles of 11-T I have stashed on top.

Thanks for the input so far guys.

@Bricnyce - you are right about SG but that thread was the shit. She was bangin. Wish I could find it.




VTBalla - thanks!

Tomorrow going to check prices on testim, testopel, others and also call Anthem and see what's up. Then call doc with info on hand. I doubt Anthem will budge, but at least I know I can afford depo-t.


Testin, testopel both expensive as well.
Test Cyp is dirt cheap. Left message for my doc to change script. In the meantime, reading KSman threads, etc. Pharmacist says the needle is big, the test is thick, and it hurts like a bitch.


The needle doesn't need to be big (I have 1.5" needles, which is usually prescribed I think, but 1.0" or 0.5" work -- if you have 1.5", you don't need to insert more than half of it to be fine), the test isn't too thick, and it only hurts like a bitch if you are a bitch :slight_smile:

I hate shots and I've given myself I think 6 Test-Cyp shots so far. I have a terribly low threshold for pain... and I don't mind them at all. You'll be fine.


Testopel costs 50 bucks with insurance. Without insurance, it's 75 bucks a pellet.


@Brick - I hear you, but I am a little creeped out by the pellet under the skin thing. I just feel more comfortable with something I can control. I can always choose not to inject or apply a gel.


Wouldn't it be your doctor controlling how much medicine you get. Testopel is prescribed at eight to twelve pellets.

I just got ten implanted three weeks ago and feel fine. I couldn't freaking stand rubbing gel on after nine years of doing so.


OK - Testopel, et al besides the point. Anthem will cover test injectables, but not Androgel ??!!

Just picked up a bottle that says it is Testosterone Enanthate 1,000mg / 5ml.
I take this to mean that the bottle has a gram of test in a teaspoon of liquid. Nice.

Bad part - the nurse says that the doc wants to give me 200mg of test every 2 weeks. And I have to come into his office for a nurse to give me the injections.
I have a meet with the doc on the 21st and you can bet I will go in there with as much info as I can find from reputable sources to steer him towards 2-3 times weekly injections.
Also, no ancillary meds prescribed to handle shutdown, testicular shrinkage, etc.

Do we all have to teach our doctors? I suppose I should be glad that mine is at least willing to try.


This is bullshit designed to get more money out of you. Request that either the doctor or nurse teach you, and give you a script for needles+syringes (or buy your own).


@Akaji - I agree. I talked ot the nurse today and she doesn't see why I can't do it at home.
Also, left info for the doc re: hcg, arimidex, and recc. protocol going forward. He did change it to 100mg / week. Now I just have to get the ancillary scripts and start doing injections myself.

First 100mg injection, glutes, 22 ga needle - no issues, little pain.

Should I be feeling something?


You probably wouldn't feel anything right away. It may take up to a month to first feel the effects, but I think that most people feel something within ~3 days. That said, if you're unfortunate like myself, TRT isn't going to do anything at all for you. I hope you're luckier than I :slightly_smiling: