Androgel Side Effects? Throat Problems, Reflux

Had an endo run blood a few months ago after posting a sub 300 total T a month prior. Went to endo again and she tested again.

LH - 0.8 (1.5 - 9.3)
FSH - 2.8 (1.6 - 8.0)
TT - 285. (250 - 1100)
FT - 45.9. (35 - 155)
SHBG - 29. (10 - 50)

Endo said it all looked good, lol. Went to my primary doc and she gave me Androgel. I’ve used 14 days straight and for the past week have had trouble swallowing. I dont feel sick, my throat doesn’t burn, but it does feel lime theres a lump when I swallow. Feels more towards Adams Apple, not up top by tonsils. And for the record, i dont have tonsils. Along with the lumpy feeling, i noticed I have a lot of mucus building that I need to clear periodically. It also feels like I’ve been having some reflux.

My questions-

Is throat issue a side effect? Or is reflux a side effect and reflux causing throat problem?

Your thoughts on my numbers?

After 14 days on the gel, i dont feel one bit of difference. Does it need more time? I wanna say my father in law went from 62 yrs old to about 16 yrs old after a week of the gel lol…

As always, thanks in advance for your replies!

A lot of guys don’t absorb gels worth a darn, is your doctor afraid of injections? It’s fascinating that doctors use the least effective treatment first rather than using the most effective. Ask your doctor about injections twice weekly.

Are you putting the gel anywhere near your neck? I ask because I had a patient come in and state “My nippes are rock hard and sensitive, I don’t know why, I cant even wear a shirt!” and I asked if he was putting his androgel anywhere near his nipples. He said NO NO NO, but gradually as we spoke, he realized that he was in fact putting it on his chest.

This seems to be her first time with TRT, imho. No disrespect to her, she’s been a great doc in my community for over 30 yrs. I just don’t think its something she does on the regular. I’m very thankful though that she is making an attempt. Other docs and endos have totally dismissed my symptoms and labs. I even convinced her to test my E2 levels next week along with the FT, TT, and such.

After my exam she believes is inflammation due to reflux. I’ve gained 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks. And i can definitely see the 5 lbs. Been off adderall for a month now. That was my diet… lol

Shoulders, and biceps. No nipples or neck lol!

With throat … have we discussed thyroid/iodine issues and body temperatures before?

yes… but never posted body temps or effects of Iodoral.

Antacids can cause multiple mineral deficiencies and sometimes low B-12.

Yes, we’ve discussed the thyroid and temperature stuff. Reflux meds have already made a difference.

And ideas on how to boost the LH and FSH numbers? And when does this gel finally kick in?