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Androgel ?'s, Opinions, Revelations?

I just started taking androgel. Has anyone had good results with this stuff? Is it considered cheating if one were to take this stuff and compete in a tested federation, (powerlifting?) It probably would not show on a test as it is just elevating my testosterone levels to normal, not increasing it for comps. Anyone had any experience with testing, androgel, and results? Thanks in advance.

Take a look at Headhunters posts on this. Also mine. Some have good results with the gel, others end up going the injection route.

Some T-Nation’ers have had great luck with it. It seems to take them about 2 or 3 months to feel better. I remember at least one poster reporting readings in the 800 ng/dl range with Androgel.

But it didn’t work for me. It did enough to tell my thyroid to shut down my natural testosterone, and then just left me there. After trying striant w similar results, I started injections about a month ago.

YMMV. . .good luck with it!

Works great for me. I run 600 to 700 ng/dl on 3/4 dosing, up from 70 ng/dl. I go over 800 with a full dosing. No highs and lows like you can get with injections spaced a couple of weeks apart.