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Androgel Questions


I went to my doc when I turned 40 to get “the big checkup”. He gave me a bunch of blood tests and when they came back I noticed that my testosterone level as 300 in a range of something like 250-1150. I thought it was pretty low and he mentioned something called Androgel and that I should read up on it.

Well when reading about it came across a set of 10 questions talking about the symptoms of low-T. I answered yes to all of them except for “Have you lost height” so I went back to the doc and we talked about it and had my blood tested again. It came back with a level of 365 or so. My doc then gave me a prescription for 5mg Androgel and WOW, man have I felt great for the first couple of weeks.

Now I’m worried about all the things I’ve read about taking this stuff. Things like shutting down your testes and shrinking your testicles … YIKES!!! I’m going to go back and see my doc at the end of the month and I was wondering what kind of things I should ask him to check in my next blood test or any kinds of medications I might want to take along with the Androgel. I sure don’t want to loose my “nuts” taking this stuff.

One problem I’ve noticed is that when taking Androgel I can’t get a good nights rest. I wake up in the early morning hours (like 5 am) and can’t go back to sleep and the little sleep I do get doesn’t seem as restful as it should. Is this a normal side effect? Is there something I can do to fix it, because if I can’t sleep I can’t live.

Thanks for all your help,