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Androgel Question


Does anyone know if applying moisturizing lotion to skin after gel dries to the touch will effect absorption rate? I have read all the literature and found no reference. It really dries the skin out (I assume the alcohol).


I am wondering the same thing. Shaved my arms to increase absorbtion, but now the skin looks like an elephant. I usually put on lotion a few hours later, but I am wondering what/if affects it has on the Androgel. Hopefully someone has the 411.


One would think that the oils and fats might block things. But these can help transport T. Note that compounded T creams have oils in them. You might do better with compounded creams. But these are not FDA approved products and insurance will probably reject... but you can explain to them that the T cream can greatly lower costs of treatment and get an exception... with a lot of work. Without alcohol, the creams are non drying.

The drying action of the gels may change the skin and reduce absorption.

I am concerned about moisturizers that have mineral oils as well as a lot of other crap. Those things get into your body. Scents may have estrogenic effects. Read the ingredients. Some of that may interfere with absorption and these things will never be well understood. If T gets through your skin, many other things do.


FWIW - I used Androgel for 2 months. I think it was like $100 out of pocket. I switched to injections, which cost less than $5 per month. Maybe worth checking into.


I did speak to my Endo about this and he said after the gel has dried (approx 10 min) it is ok to apply skin conditioner to your arms


KSman, what be your profession?


I'm wondering about all this talk about Androgel out of pocket. Androgel is covered by EVERY damn major health insurance company. And I've had quite a few throughout the years: Aetna, GHI, Blue Cross - Blue Shield, HIP. It costs 25 to 45 bucks a month with insurance.


There are about 50 million people in the US who are without health insurance...


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Yeah, that's true. But I find it strange that some can afford the same computers they use to log onto T-Mag, 4,000 - 8,000 kcal diets, a home, a kid, supplements, and a gym membership, but won't shell out a few hundred bucks per month for an affordable health-insurance plan.


And my man, I don't work for Unimed, although I'd be the best poster-boy they ever had! :slight_smile:

I don't have a fucking "treatment plan". I take 10 g of Androgel and call it a day! I got normal E and T levels. The only undesireable side effect of Androgel I experience, which really isn't much of a big deal, is some testicular shrinkage. They are about 75% of the size than before I started Androgel.


get hCG


KSMan, what be your profession?


I was just trying to help. I have insurance. Maybe I should have looked into why the drastic change in price between the two.