Androgel Pulse/Surge Dosing?

I’m a newby here, so be easy on me. I searched, but did not find this specific question/issue addressed elsewhere.

Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with pulse/surge application of Androgel (or other topical testosterone gel) only before, on, and/or after heavy lifting days.

My theory is that this small surge/pulse of testosterone around heavy lifting days may help garner some of the benefits of higher testosterone without starting (or at least slowing down) the downward spiral of testicular atrophy?

Any thoughts, experience, and/or links would be appreciated.

The dose isn’t high enough to make a significant difference, especially since even that low dose would inhibit your natural production to some degree.

Another discouraging aspect is Androgel’s incredibly short half-life (apprx. 40-80 minutes), which almost makes itcomparable to Testosterone base as well as, in Schwarzenegger’s words, its low dose.

While an upside is that it provides a rather impressive plasma stability, it’s virtually purposeless if underdosed for the goals at hand.