Androgel Packets, Still Good after Opened?


I’m a woman in my early 40’s and in pretty good shape. I actually look more like I’m in my 20’s and I owe this my good genetics mostly and I pay attention to what I eat. I started Androgel 1% packets about a year ago because my T levels were undetectable and my doctor agreed to prescribe some. She said to apply a little every day, close the packet with a clip and reuse it until it was completely empty. I’m not sure but I think I feel best hours after opening a new packet and by day 4, the day before I open a new packet, I feel achy, tired, spaced out.

Is it possible that once the packet is opened, its potency diminishes so using it again and again on days 2-4, its effects are less and this is why I tend to feel worst? The manufacturer did state this was possible but did not know for sure cause it was never actually tested. If this is the case, I might switch to pump, where I apply a small pump daily. Or just discard the packet after applying a little each day.

What do you think? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Androgel is terrible and most people has issues with absorption, especially if one has thyroid issues. We often see a guy who does absorb well have his levels drop after a while, this continues until he absorbs little no medicine where his/her levels are worse than his baseline numbers.

It sounds like your doctor is struggling as most will, Defy Medical has doctors that only treat women for hormone replacement and know how to do so safely. There aren’t many doctors out there that know how to balance a woman’s hormones, these doctors do.