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Androgel (or TRT) Withdrawal Symptoms

Hi all, so far I’ve learned A LOT from this site and will have a totally different approach to my next round of TRT.

I was on androgel 1.62 for 7 months but was laid off from work and have no insurance. It ran out 2 weeks ago. For the last week I’ve been really light headed. The other symptoms aren’t a surprise, like no libido or brain fog. Anyone else have experience with these? All the posts that I could find on this didn’t seem to talk to much about the actual symptoms. Thanks!

I can’t comment on the symptoms but I would recommend that you speak to your doctor about switching to shots. A lot of us on here were reluctant to switch from gels to shots but the pros far outweigh the cons. My Test E RX costs me about 65 dollars for 2 and a half months. Compared to Androgel that’s practically free. Good luck man.

Those are spot on. I do think that stopping TRT cold without a transition to reactivate your own production would be tough. Your boys have stopped working on androgel, and without a kickstart wont step up to the plate for awhile.

For cost, I use a compounded test cream (not sure if family doctors prescribe), but that cost is virtually nothing. That may be an option.

When I stopped after a year on I felt very tired for a few days - like it was a lot of work walking a few blocks. It only lasted a few days, though, then I was fine. Libido took about 6 weeks to come back though.

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Yeah, I know there are too many variables to guess how long a recovery, if at all, to pre-treatment state would take. I’ll def be looking into injecting test esters when i go to restart.

Any thoughts on how long to wait before getting bloodwork? Getting some of these panels are going to be expensive, so i don’t want to waste my money!

I too went cold turkey, not a good idea if you can help it. Your body’s own production of T is reduced with the introduction of artificial.