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Androgel Not Working...What Next?

I was feeling like crap so I had some blood work done. My t-levels were 306 so the doc put me on Androgel (low dose). After 6 weeks my levels went up to 326 so he doubled the dose. My test results from last week were 203! WTF is up with that? The doc told me to come in next week and we’ll try something else. He thinks I’m not absorbing the gel and I’ve read that this is common.

He mentioned injections and I wanted to get some opinions on it. Should I go that route or try another cream like Testim first?

If I do the injections won’t I need something other than the steroid to keep the estrogen levels down?

I need some advice. Thanks in advance.

The over 35 forum is probably best suited for your questions.

Whether you choose another transdermal or injections and your T levels raise you will need an AI to control estrogen. Read the TRT thread in the Over 35.

10-4. Thanks.

Are you over-fat by any chance?