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AndroGel From Doc, Questions


Hey Guys,

My Doc has perscribed AndroGel for me to take.

He has suggested that I apply 5g (one packet) on the shoulder per day.

Wondering if you guys think this will have any muscle building gains?

Should I be at all concerned about gyno at all?

Last, is the shoulder the best application place? Past research I have seen that ankles were best?

Thans guys


I whacked off with it one time. Did a lot more as far as size and looking harder go....


What the hell man? Are you bored or something? Just looking for peoples input!


The short answer to it all: No.

The testes themselves in a normal, non low-T male produce 5-11mg a day. The difference won't be noticeable, and the dosage isn't near enough to cause any Estrogen related sides.


It was just a joke man, but honestly, it is not nearly enough to make any sort of noticeable difference.

Your est bet is taking TRT into your own hands....