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Androgel Followed By Test Prop


Ok so here's a few questions:

I plan on using some Androgel at HRT. After regaining my t-levels to the norm level, about how long after the Androgel usage should I begin a cycle?

I plan on using straight Test Prop for a cycle. How long should this cycle be as it will be my first cycle with AAS? And what dosage and frequency? I will have A-dex on hand in case some shit goes down.

For PCT, can I use the test prop and just taper off of it? Please let me know what you guys think or provide any insight on this.




What is the reasoning behind using the androgel first? Why not just cut all the bullshit and start the cycle? Then you could taper off of that and start the androgel for HRT purposes.



I experimented with some legal supps that messed me up so now I got prescribed some Androgel for HRT.


That's fine and good but androgel and test-p are basically the same thing (exogenous testosterone), so if you plan to do a cycle then just do it. Then when the cycle is over you would start your androgel. There is no sense in starting the androgel first unless you don't have what you need for the cycle.

If you are speculating that you will do a cycle in the future then just start your HRT androgel and then when you start the cycle DROP the androgel. Again, when the cycle is over then resume the HRT androgel.


Thanks D Bol!!

I've been thinking about doing a cycle that I saw someone else use.

500mg/Week - Test Cyp for Weeks 1-12
25mg/Week - Deca Durabolin for Weeks 1-4
Anastrozole on had in case some shit goes down

What do you think for this being by first cycle?


It looks good except I suspect most will say that 25mg/week of deca isn't enough. Never tried deca though so I have no idea.


Oh and besides anastrozole you'll need a SERM like nolvadex or clomid for PCT.