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Androgel Fast Absorbtion

I’m 3 weeks into HRT (androgel), and so far it’s been great! (6.25gm or 6.25mg absorbed, 10% according to the insert) I seem to be very responsive to it, maybe to a fault. Doc said I should start to notice things in a few weeks, I knew something was up 30 minutes after the first application, by the next day I was on top of the world.

Near the end of the first week, I started to notice it “tapering off” in the late afternoon, by day 6 or 7 I got kind of emotional for a day or two, which subsided, but then the “enlightenment” seemed a little less than what it was the week before.

I also noticed some slight atrophy down below around the middle of week 2. I’m thinking I’ve started to shut down and now the total T is less than week 1, possibly explaining some of the edge coming off. The afternoon slow down is consistent; applied in the morning, 2 hours later things are great, after about 10 hours things start slowing down again.

Which I understand is somewhat of the natural circadian pattern, but this is fairly noticeable. I’m going to ask my doc about doubling the dose and splitting it up AM and PM.

Has anyone, therapeutic use or otherwise, experienced shutdown so quickly? How about the noticeable peeks and valleys?

No noticeable side effects to date
Age: 30
Weight: 220
Avid oly lifter, strong diet.
Levels before HRT start: Total 197, Free .74%