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Androgel Discount Card


Anyone else get it?

I'm now only shelling out 10 bucks a month for the highest dose (10 g/d).

I <3 my Androgel.


Are we really interested in what your co-pay is?


I'm informing other Androgel users what discount is out there.


LOL - that's funny.

Testim has one too - like $40 off a month's worth. I don't use it, but someone else might need it.


These prices are for guys who have no insurance?


This is for those with or without insurance. You save 20 bucks with the card. My copay is 30 bucks, and I have 20 off because of the card. Every working man I know has insurance.


You A-gel pimper you ;>)

I pay $5 for 5 months of T-cyp.


Androgel is the biggest ripoff poser TRT possible. The base is nondesirable as well.


Poseur TRT? If it's so poseurish, then why do my levels remain at 700 to 1000 ng/dl with it?

Ten bucks per month isn't a ripoff for most with a job.

You're the one who asked if people on TRT hold down jobs.


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he's some kind of demented troll that also posts on other forums slamming TRT in general, my guess is he's bitter on a personal level, pay no attention


"he's some kind of demented troll that also posts on other forums slamming TRT in general, my guess is he's bitter on a personal level, pay no attention"

I'm going with mild autism/Asperger's.


Maybe I am a little bitter that the good people from Androgel wanted to charge me or my insurance company 450$/month for something that was half as strong as a 10% compounded cream I got for 20$/month. I am just pointing out the obvious. I guess if you can get it for free it is good but the company is nothing but a bunch of professional thieves imo.

If it works for you I am glad - though I was just stating what I have seen come from dozens of members who switched from gel and called it crap. I didn't realize anyone could have long term success on it, but if you do more power to you - it's not my business. As for Neely who apparently is ip logging me or something, maybe you should disclose your anti-privacy terms if you are so confident of my web browsing habits.


Welcome to the real world, where drug, doctor's appointments, hospital stay, and surgery costs are astronomical.

What you fail to realize is that regardless of the gel's strength as a whole (percentage T of total volume) it delivers 7 to 10 mg of T per day--the SAME amount secreted daily by adult testicles.

YOU didn't realize anyone can have long term success with it. Who are you, the be-all-end-all on TRT or even a medical professional that works in urology or endocrinology?

I love that phenomenon--when people bash things, usually a product or a place, because THEY didn't hear about it, as if they are gods and all-knowing authorities and experts on just about everything.

"Hey Joe, did you hear about that new Greek restaurant?"

"Yeah, it sucks."

"Did you go there?"


"Then how does it suck?"

"It just does. I don't know anyone who likes it."

"Who do you know who went there?"

"Umm, like... I heard... like..."

You'll usually see this sort of shit on Yelp. I even once read a review by someone for a vegetarian restaurant who didn't even attend the restaurant. Her reasoning for her bad review of the place: "I'm just not into a place not serving meat."

Yeah, great, thoughtful review.


How so?

Did you use it?

How is a base that absorbs within a minute or two, like hand sanitizer, undesirable? There is no film left whatsoever.


And then you have people who tried compounded creams and shots along with an Ai and it was an abortion. And the only thing that has helped is androgel. The compounded creams never absorbed for me and I tried three different reputable pharmacies. Dont be so quick to jump on what you hear on these message boards. I started on hcg, then went to shots with an AI, etc, etc etc...IT WAS HORRIBLE.

Turns out the simpler the better. Now am on 7.5g of AGEL/ day and finally feel somewhat normal again. Not bashing anything about the T-AI-HCG thing but for me it was a roller coaster from hell emotionally and physically with no libido and ED that got worse and worse.I know it obviously works for some people but I think Brick's point is valid that keep it simple at first- it may be u just need the gel or clomid, etc to help you. DOnt be so quick to jump on the 90 million medicines at once deal.


This is the sort of stuff I've been saying all along!

My doc does it all--but ONLY prescribes things as needed! I don't need much medication--and thank goodness I don't.

I'm also lucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area--the tri-state area of CT, NYC, and NJ. No shortage of top notch doctors and healthcare professionals here.

I can only agree with self medication in the case that there is no competent doctor to be found for hours of transportation.


Yeah Man, I agree. Especially when it comes to arimadex. Clomid gets shit on quite a bit around here, but for many it can save them a lifetime of TRT and in a low enough dose side effects can be avoided. It has jumpstarted bodybuilders after being on gear for ten years, etc, etc. Arimadex for me was brutal. I took the smallest possible doses and it would make me feel like a lifeless zombie. And this was with bloodwork supporting me needing it. HCG lost its punch after awhile to the point where I needed frequent breaks for it to do its thing again. I think that anyone who jumps on all three meds at once is not being wise, as everybodys body is different and what is right for one may not be right for another.I had all the supposed "perfect" numbers total and free test topped up in high normal, E2 dialed in at 25, etc, etc on T-HCG-AI, yet I couldnt get an erection to save my life, or have any sexual thoughts whilst looking at a girl.. Take all that away and I started androgel only a month ago..slowly it is helping. To the point where I am wondering if I could try a clomid restart..we'll see. But your points should not be ignored and every approach should be considered and not just one size fits all..More harm could be done than good, work with your doctor and take it one thing at a time.


The only people I see complaining about clomid are people who took/take SEVERAL TABLETS. I took HALF a tab and it brought my T values from 240 to 790 ng/dl! I experienced no side effects and my libido was out of control, as it usually is!


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