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Androgel Day 6, Feeling Different

Hello all… I have been searching for a forum to discuss this topic with end users so here I am just trying to get some help from people already using this stuff…

some details
Age 37
Weight 290lbs
Height 5"10

I just started on this androgel stuff 1% 5 gram packets and I noticed results almost within a couple of hrs or maybe it was all mental but the morning wood was there the next day and every day till this morning which is day 6… I was able to lift weights and workout for the first time in many years… probably at least 10 years… I plan to take advantage of having normal T levels and don’t want to squander the opportunity to improve my health and body shape…

Not having the morning wood isn’t my big concern, what I am noticing today is a slight crash back to where I was with my low energy that I have been dealing with for 15 years since around my mid 20s… My back pain is only slight, no where near where it is normally…

I honestly thought this stuff was some kind of miracle cure for the last 5 days I was very impressed with my energy…

I guess my main problem is my doctor… He seemed to show no interest in wanting to help me, he knew I needed help but tried to pass me off to some other doctor, and I was already referred to this current guy because my primary GP is a female and I doubt she wanted to cup my balls for measurements lol…

I keep reading about this stuff and the more I read, the more I feel the endocrinologist I am dealing with isn’t very good at HRT. He basically wrote me a 3 month Rx and said set an appt in 3 months… Everything I read online is this HRT has to be checked after 14 days to make sure the Estradiol isn’t climbing as I think perhaps that is what is going on but I am not sure…

Due to our toxic society and just about everything we consume being poisoned with estrogen mimicking chemicals and hormones that they give cows and chickens, I am shocked there isn’t more 20 something year old complaining about low T… It should be epidemic levels if it hit me this young at 37…

I was struggling with severe back pain for 7 years and they figured the pain killers lowered my T levels but I felt the T were dropping a few years prior they just didn’t believe me and I chalked it up to aging…

I guess my main question is, I obviously have to get back in to have blood work done but is there anything I should be asking this current doc to check… I honestly don’t even feel like he is qualified to be doing HRT and every time I ask a question or bring something up he mumbles something in middle eastern and ends up pushing me out the door… It seemed like he didn’t want me on the stuff, but if its between being lazy and in chronic pain or doing HRT till Im dead, Ill take the HRT because I doubt my body would take many more years of that kind of back pain and pill usage.

It kind of sounds like most guys get estrogen blockers along with the T boosting at the same time… Is it normal to not even have this aspect brought up?

Does sound like T–>E2 aromatization is increasing E2 and spoiling the game.

Transdermal T delivery has the highest potential for increasing E2.

Aromatization is strong in fat tissues, a problem for you.

You may need to self-inject T twice a week to keep T levels steadier and that has the lowest E2 potential.

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Your fat gain can also be from low thyroid function from not using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine+selenium.

You can eval your overall thyroid function by checking your oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

You can order your own labs on-line in most USA states and get the labs sent direct to you. Prices are way less than what doctors charge. But you pay, not your insurance.

Post your pre-TRT labs with ranges. Get copy of reports.

Thanks for the reply. I will check into the info you provided.

As a Canadian, this is all covered at no cost to me so doing external test in the u.s would probably not be happening.

Ill ask to see the TRT labs but the last few times I asked questions I got a deer in head lights look.

Your reply has me feeling a bit better about things, thanks for the information.