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AndroGel by Solvay Pharm


has anyone experienced used this before. i was wondering if it does aromatase. ive only done m1t and now on a cycle of superdrol which doesnt convert. a friend of mine gave me some packets of this stuff and was wondering if anyone has anyfeedback on this product.


You'll need at least 4 packets/day to get anything out of Androgel. Also, let the alchohol evaporate in a bowl for 1/2 hour, then apply the gel to your balls (not making this up). If you don't let it evaporate, it'll burn like hell on earth.
The skin on your balls is very thin; that's why you put it there. Do a test with a couple of drops before you rub it on too -- avoid the burn.


I have been on Androgel for the past six month. I have the pump type and put on in the morning four pumps. It does very little for me. I never heard about evaporating the alcohol.


That's to disinfect the area. You will lose that when you evaporate the alcohol. Try it on your balls, after a shower. Try 5 grams for a month, up it to 10 if needed. If you want to really up your T, 20 g/day would be best. I also have my wife put it on my back, seems to absorb there pretty well.


how long should you evaporate the alcohol before putting it on?


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At least 1/2 hour; then test a drop on your balls. Trust me on this, you don't want that alky on your balls.

Friend of mine in the 'Nam put alky on his balls after removing leeches. Picture the screaming -- that's what putting the gel there is like.


What is the benefit of putting it directly on the balls. I don't want to cut off all natural test production


Since the skin is extremely thin there, more of the product should pass through into your bloodstream.
Using any Test will shut your production down. Take Alpha Male while you do this, 6 caps/day, 5 days on, 2 off.


I dont think you will have a problem.Ive only been on about 3 weeks and my gyno has not gotten any worse.The dosages are rather low so aromatization potential is pretty low.Im not saying your 100 % safe everyones body is different just keep an eye on it and go from there.