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Androgel & Biotest M

Gentelmen, I could really use your help. I have been on T-replacement (Androgel) for 6 months. I am a 35 yr old male. 6 3 255lbs 13% bodyfat. When I began Androgel My total T-level was 219. Free 47 and DHEA 165. My Dr. has allowed me to cycle the Andogel this way.

First week 20 grams a day ( 4 packets )
2nd week 15 grams a day
3rd week 15 grams a day
4th week 10 grams a day / then repeat

I am also take 100 mg of DHEA a day

This type of cycle has taken my Total T-level to 1402. Free T-level to 431. DHEA level to 383.
And My Estradiol level is 83. My Dr. is not real upset about this. But I am. My questions are:

  1. Can I use the Biotest M with the Androgel?
  2. What is a good anabolic T-level for
  3. What will Andogel do for me in the gym?
  4. How much protein should I take in daily?
  5. What other vitamins, creatine etc. Should I
  6. Also, what kind of testosterone is in

I just ordered your magazine and I think it is great. Very cutting edge. Again, thank-you for all of your help. John

Sorry no answer, but a question instead. At what point did you get your test retaken that showed the 1402 level?

Damn, Androgel jacked you up that much? Not too shabby as hormonal replacement goes! M and Tribex might be good things to consider, maybe try one, then the other, then both, as they can supposedly lower estrogen and prolactin while increasing total and free testosterone. Of course I’ll defer to more expert opinions, I’m mostly just impressed with your results, you went from having the testosterone of your average refridgerator mold to the upper range of the natural scale.

I’ve been using Androgel for about a year (I’m 40 years old). Two packets (10gr) per day drove my total T levels from the high 200’s to about 1200. I had the same estradiol problem at first, with my levels raising up to the high 60’s. I had my doctor prescribe Arimidex to solve the problem. 1/2 tab every other day keeps my estradiol levels in the 20’s now.