i was trying axiron and got really bad headache and stomach upset…not trying androgel 1.62% but applying it like axiron under armpits using axrion applicator… i am hoping this is safe and will give better absorption. ? any thoughts? also when getting labs i have heard conflicting info about timing… with gel application. is it a few hours after applying to determine how much of the gel i am absorbing? or ?

I was using Axiron…
A couple of thoughts. The reason Axiron makers (Lilly) doubled the formula to 2% may be because the skin in the Axilla area is thin and the surface area is minimal. My point is there is less surface area for absorption, and the skin is thinner which means less skin for the formula to be absorbed ino. I liked Axiron, but I think using Androgel in that area will be less sufficient than using it elsewhere.

I’ve done a lot of research and it seems absorption rates are better with Androgel. This may have as much to do with where you apply it as it does with the formula itself. You see higher numbers reached with Androgel than with Axiron, and I always assumed this is why.

I realize Androgel is up to 1.62% now, but I still think it will not be as effetive when applied to the Axilla. Everythign I read points to this. As far as timing, it takes a couple of hours to absorb into the skin. Once this happens it is supposed to release over 24 hours. Meaning after a couple hours it’s safe to wash the area used as all that is going to be absorbed, has been absorbed. I have also read info that suggests using such a small area for an extended period of time can diminish the capability of the skin to absorb and actually use the formula.

I never had any side effects from the Axiron. I’m assumign you don’t get them with Androgel even under the armpit? Are you certain it was the Axiron?

thanks for all the good info… i am not certain it was the axiron. I decided to try more axiron and didn’t have the issue… i also realized i did not prime the pump… so i was using whatever is in the “pregel” dont know if that would do it …or something else. it seems like the axiron is easier and less messy than the androgel… we’ll see how it goes. why are we supposed to prime the pumps anyway and i wonder what is in that? thanks

ps are you still using axiron? or? how much were you using and do you know your levels? thanks

I just lost my reply twice so I’m going to make it real quick and I’ll check back tomorrow.
I was using 1 pump under each arm. the standard starting dose. after 3.5 weeks on axiron and test cyp (200mg/ml) 1ml my nubmer went from 152 to 563 (reference 175-781) My doctor wanted me to stop the test cyp and use only the axiron.

i declined because of the low bio availability and opted to self inject the test cyp and drop the axiron. from what ive read the axiron can only do so much. if you look at the leaflet in your rx from ely lilly most people only got up to about 380-400ng/dl. on axiron. of the 30mg only 7-10 actually get absorbed into the body. if that…

So, no, I’m not still on it. In the three and a half weeks I was it seemd to do a lot with the im injections. I go back on 09/26 for a blood draw to see where im at without the axiron. i feel as good as i did with it, if not better. not that it wasnt helping me, but the more time that goes by the better i think im adjusting to the TRT regardless of the delivery method.

as for priming the pump i think that is just to “prime the pump”. Meaning to get air into the system that combines the medicine and base solution. also probably to pump out a few pumps to ensure accuracy in the solution amounts. if the level was way high in the first couple pumps maybe it made you feel funny. its possible i suppose. i only used two pumps to prime instead of three and i noticed nothing negative. im not sure what you mean about the pregnyl. are you referring to hcg?? talk to you soon.

I used to use Axiron. My absorption was crap. Injections all the way.

I too have tried the gels…nothing worked for me! Injectable has been the only thing thats worked.

i was doing injectables and i like them…only thing i dont like is the increase in RBC , and dramatic decrease in HDL… it dropped to 28 . my ldl and tris are ok… so maybe i shouldn’t worry. but i also don’t like having to get the therapeutic phlebotomy every 2months… i don’t have huge veins and they use big 17gauge needles to take a pint out… i don’t know how that will hold up over the long haul? this is why i am trying the gel… but it sure doesn’t have the same effect and the injections… : (

guess i need to find a way to deal with these. thanks for all the input… if anyone has any more input i love to gather information!