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Androgel as Pct

I am 40 5’6 172 . I have 16 years experience and have been on androgel for 7 months. Of course not much has changed in elevated tlevels. I haven’t done any gear in 11 years. I have decided to do a cycle and then switch to weekly injections for trt(tlevels around 320).

I have a bottle of eq and test e. I know I have to get one more bottle of each to have enough. Question is this, if I do test 500mg and eq 500 a week, can androgel be pct? I also have clomid.

My next question is this- I know my levels will be jacked after the test/eq and I want to know how long after last pin should I wait before going to new doc for bloodwork for weekly injections rather than the gel. I am sure when I post that I really planned to just run eq and test at 250 once a week for 10 weeks, that too many would say nothing would happen.

I just thought it would be slower gains, as opposed to not as significant gains. Thanks for you alls help!!

If you are on TRT you dont need PCT.