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Androgel as an Aphrodisiac


Tried to reply to a thread based upon this subject but I got a reply that the thread had reached its maximum responses...having said that I will express my thoughts on the subject.

I have been on Androgel for about 8 years now (I'm 56 yrs old) and have always wondered if it was capable of reproducing the same wonderful results on a female also? My wife experienced early menopause (at 42) and when I approached her about experimenting with it a couple of years ago she agreed to give it a try.

Its got way too much alcohol in it for sensitive areas so I mixed it with our favorite lubricant. If you are looking for a "quickie", you can forget about it. But if you are patient, you will be rewarded.

From my own experiences it works best when you rub it into the entire vaginal area including the inside but check to make sure the alcohol is diluted enough
as to not cause burning or irritation. If as in my case your partner enjoys anal stimulation, rubbing it on or into the anal area is a major bonus.

Now at this time the patience comes in to play as it usually takes an hour for heightened libido to kick in but has taken as long as two hours. We however use this time for slow prolonged foreplay which only adds to the experience.

It is at this time that you will notice clitoral enlargement. I am keeping this realistic and say 25% to 50% in my wife"s case. The main thing I noticed is her receptiveness to anal stimulation although limited to digital and oral only.

I have never applied it to her breasts because being a layman I see them full of estrogen and start thinking the two mixed together cause cancer or something? If there is someone who has some medical insight you could help me out. I am somewhat concerned about any harm we may be doing with this practice. Its only once or twice a month so I have been assuming that it is harmless. Is it???


thanks for telling us all about you eating your middle aged wife’s ass. I’m sure we all enjoyed that particular mental image.


haha damn it Yogi I didn’t actually picture anything until you said something.

it’s fine, my mom was given androgel by her doctor. just watch for virilizing side effects and stop if they become pronounced.

there’s some new bullshit female libido pill on the market, but good ole test is best, even for women.

no reason you can’t use on breasts, test will circulate all throughout the body anyway. if you’re worried have her see an anti-aging doc and he can monitor her.