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Androgel Aridimex? Hypogonadism Doc?


Hello all.I am fairly new here. I am 44 and have been diagnosed hypogonadal by 2 different docs. Both of which I am frustrated with. One ten years ago and got frustrated and stopped treatment. the other doc 3 month ago TT 130 free 32 or something close. It is very frustrating to find a doc that really understands and gives a sh$t.. I need some help. I went on androgel for the last 2 months as prescribed and this last week my insurance put a kink in my supply so I had to go off a few day now and I am feeling it. My doc's response was its no problem. I guess not for her.

So Im going to bite the bullet and pay the full price and let the insurance figure it out later. I guess what really pissed me off is my doc did not even test me for E2 or any E (WTF). I have learned more here than I think my doc knows. I guess If anyone has any suggestions on finding a legit doc that really understands and cares to really do their job. Im in central florida. I am not shopping I just need some help. Just tell me what doc is best to see Urologist,endo? Should I go to injections and will aremidix help me if my e is high?Thanks guys


Because arimidex is an AI, im going with a yes. At 300 bux a bottle they are certainly proud of it


We need to see your all your labs, with results. Many people don’t absorb the gels well, and report better results once they switch to injections (chepaer too). If you are having E2 (estrogen) issues, an AI will help that.