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Androgel Application Info


I've seen a lot of posts about Androgel and I just wanted to pass on what some application info that might help with absorption.

I was told by my MD to apply to the inner biceps and inner thighs. I think it makes sense as there is a lot of blood flow in the thighs and arm pits.

I put some in the palm of my hand and spread it to both thighs and my other bicep. That way it is drying as I am applying to other areas.

I also have noticed a hair or two of growth on my biceps which I think is a good sign. It's not enough to worry about and I've never had that before, even on 200mg wk cyp. Trust me, I would stop it before I had hairy biceps.

I have incorporated 5mg Androgel ed along with 50mg test cyp 2xwk. I added the Androgel after being on injectables. I had it and didn't want it to expire. I'm glad I did as I can feel the difference.

I also take 1 mg adex wk.


The Solvay androgel site has a good PDF on androgel application.


Also -- they don't promote it but Solvay has a financial assistance program for those on androgel. When I was on Androgel I signed up for it. They send you a preloaded "Androgel Visa" which is good for $20.00 towards each month's supply. I think the card has a year's worth of discounts, but you can reapply at the end of the year.



I'm quite hairy and I've read (and been told by a T doctor) that hair interferes with absorbtion. This is perhaps why Anfrogel/Testim didn't work for me.


The insides of my thighs and biceps have no hair on them. When I said I had growth on the insides of my biceps, I mean't only 2 or 3 hairs. Trust me, I'm not looking to be brushing my biceps.

Actually HH, I'm pretty sure it was you who posted that you used the packets with injections. That's what made me think of it. I initially was prescribed 10mg ed and only used 5 and after 6mo had an extra 6 boxes of Androgel. So I cut back on the injection dose and used the packets also. It seems to be working OK. I have an appointment next friday and will get some BW done.


Here's something I got from another site, posted by a doc. I don't remember where it came from, but if I do I will edit in the credit. . .


Squeeze all of the gel from the foil packet, the tube, or the number of pumps if using the pump bottle, into a cupped palm. Gently press your two palms together. When you separate your hands, you will have very nearly half of the gel on each palm. Do not rub your hands together. Try to keep the gel on the palms, instead of getting between the fingers.

Then simply cross your arms, wiping the gel over your shoulders and upper arms. Thus apply most of it across your upper arms and shoulders. Absolutely avoid the area where they draw the blood from. Finish off by wiping what is left down your FLANKS (sides of your abdomen -- not the middle).

Then thoroughly wash your hands. Once you have washed them, there is no worry whatsoever about accidental transferal to others, as there is none left on the surface to transfer. Studies have shown this, and also that merely putting on a T-shirt to cover the exposed areas will do the same for the rest of you.

If you had to, you could shower in an hour or so, without appreciable loss of testosterone delivery, as the gel soaks into the skin, and the skin acts as the actual reservoir for dispensation of the drug. You wouldn�??t want to do this all the time, but swimming or showering in a pinch can be done. It's still a good idea to take a quick shower before engaging in intimacy.

For maximum effect, apply the gel within 3 minutes of showering.

You want a delay of at least two hours after application before drawing labs.


I don't know about anyone else, but I would never empty a whole packet of androgel into one hand and they apply. I don't care who says to do it that way, it's just too sloppy for me. I put a about a 1/4 of a packet into one had and spread that from thigh to thigh and a little on the other bicep. I just repeat that, switching hands, until it is done. When I go from area to area, it seems to dry better than slopping on a whole packet at one shot, but that's me.

I did the shoulder method and I think the inner biceps and inner thighs is better for me and gets me closer to good blood flow.

And I don't think you would be doing yourself any favors by showering within a couple of hours if you are looking for steady t levels. If you put it on and go to the gym every day and then showering, that doesn't make sense to me. [/quote]


I also apply to the inner thigh, behind the knee caps, and the inside of my arms.

Another tip, DON'T put the gel in your hands! I cut an old packet open so it's a flat sheet, and save it. Then I 'squirt' the gel on my leg, and use the inside of the flat sheet to spread it. Any extra, I rub with the inside of my forearms. NONE touches my hand, NONE gets washed off. May take a few extra seconds, but I waste not a drop.


Interestingly enough here in Australia, my doctor, who is a rabid HRT fanboy, insists that test cream (equivalent to Androgel) should be applied directly to the nuts, which should be shaven first.

He insists that the major pharmaceutical companies would like to advise this, but that they "cant".

Makes it nice and embarassing when I collect my test cream and the instructions say "apply 2cm directly to the scrotum"... hmm...


Androgel has alcohol and would burn right out of the packet.

The scrotum does absorb very well though, so a cream that wouldn't burn, well, hmmm... I have some left over.


I wonder if it would be okay to used sugical gloves. They will prevent your hands form absorbing the the gel and pretty much evrything would go on your skin. I don't know though...Just my 2 cents...Oh and I just started my therapy today.


..what do you guys think of this e-opinion regarding Androgel on the scrotum & in the armpits...

"Lots of worrying things being said here about using Androgel on the scrotum, penis, arm pits etc. Yep, it gets absorbed quicker, it also converts to dihydrotestosterone, and drives your DHT through the roof as the skin on the scrotum is packed full of alpha 5 reductase responsive tissue. So any supplementation to raise free T levels is lost in the conversion to DHT.

The arm pits because of their proximity to the chest will almost certainly armoatise to estradiol. Estrogen and male chests don't mix."


Would taking niacin prior to applying AndroGel increase absorption rate?


Are you guys sure you understand DHT properly? Its more potent that testosterone, and if you got a small dick, you most likely have very low DHT. I guess its hit or miss on the person though… I wouldn’t out right dismiss this application area because everyone keep parroting the same thing about DHT. It seems DHT reduces estrogen effects of taking T so it might actually help people who are having estradiol spike and fatigue issues about a week after starting T treatment.

The problem people seem to have with DHT is it doesn’t seem to be as effective in building muscles as Testosterone, and that can’t be the only thing to worry about…

Low DHT seems to mean a high Estradiol… High DHT means less testosterone… So its really a balancing act… Pay attention to your body… When you feel oily skin and acne creeping in, or fatigue issues, I would start apply some to my balls… Its really up to you, but there seems to be a lot of mis-information coming out of the guys using T like steroids to swell up, they all concerned with high T and low E… I would personally rather have average T levels 400-500 and controlled Estradiol levels… Then 1000 T and 100-150 Estradiol and have to explain to a doctor you need a E blocker… Which is a crap shoot whether your doctor will give you anything… Like my doctor wants me to wait 3 months before blood work when I know my E levels were spiking… So I now rub half the tube on my shoulders, and other half on my sack… oil skin and acne are gone for now… Energy is boosting a bit lately as well… So I may not even need an Estradiol blocker.