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Androgel: Any Success Stories?

I’ve read a lot of horror stories on here about Androgel. Anybody had good results and if so I’d like to hear how you made it work.

A lot of the experienced doctors specializing in TRT don’t use topicals unless the patient has a needle phobia.

Androgel is unpopular for good reason, men typically don’t absorb topicals very well.

You won’t find many androgel success stories here, so don’t expect any reports of success using androgel any time soon.

The injections has a higher rate of success and is the most popular protocol which offers more control if using the shorter esters.

Understood and appreciate the response. As I said, I know there are many horror stories but since obviously people are, in fact using it, I’m wondering if there are any people who have been able to have any success with it at all and if so do they have any advice.

I used Androgel and Testim for years with no problem. The reason why I changed to injections was because my then fiancé, now wife, absorbed it from sleeping in the same bed and physical contact.

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With that said, the only advice I have would be to regularly shave your body if you’re hairy.

I usually tested at 600 to 800 on gels.

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I tested at… Wait for it…

400, 430 then 150 on the gels… (Escalating dosages) @BrickHead, below 450 and my level of energy throughout the day begins to dwindle.

Perhaps I didn’t apply it well enough? Either way, the shots are more practical and far cheaper. On a private script gels set me back nearly 200$/month, if subsidised, around 100$/month

Injectable T here… On a PRIVATE script (Aus has pulled all types of injectable T from PBS listings aside from inj test U which you aren’t allowed to administer yourself here) costs around 30$ every 2 months.

You are correct there are a lot of people using it as well as creams. I used Androgel for awhile with good success. Could be that folks are prescribed Androgel, have good success and don’t feel need to visit this and other forums anymore.

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Thanks. I think from reading a lot of posts that if you don’t want to pin (I did that back in the day and would like to avoid), probably creme, scrotal application (200mg/ gram) is the best chance for success. But It also seems that everyone responds differently (as your numbers prove) so it’s an N=1 kind of thing.

The compounded cream seems to work for a lot of people.

My own anti-aging doctor switched from injections to the cream and loves it. Says he has lower E2, less bacne, slightly better mood.

I used it for 13 years. I rarely ever tested above 450. I pin now.
Pin unless you have a real reason not to. Don’t be afraid of needles. Androgel is goopy sh!t every single day.

I pin everyday and its a pleasure for me. Imagine how not a hassle it would be if you could inject twice a week.

Many people pin twice a week to keep more stable levels. Just divide the dose in half.

You have misunderstood me. I pin every day for stable levels. Im sure the OP can get away with only twice a week. Im just pointing out that if I can handle daily pinning, he can handle twice a week.

Apologies, I read too quickly. Just out of curiosity, since you pin daily do you go sub Q?

No, Im shallow IM. 12.7mm needle gets the job done. Im lean, my skin and fat are less than half of that.

I’d guess the majority of success stories, don’t come online to discuss it. I think androgel still generates several hundred million to a billion in annual sales. I’d bet for most guys that use it, it works just fine for them and they never give it a second thought. You kinda just have to try it and see.

I wonder why Jatenzo (oral TRT) hasn’t caught on yet to the masses yet…

I sleep way better on gel (Tostran), and for some reason my blood pressure is also better on it compared to sustanon (yes I splitted the dosage).

Agree with wolf359. I think the majority of people who are having success with gels and creams never bother to jump on these forums because they are good.

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Do you apply once a day in the morning?