Androgel and T Reduction Complete Impotence

I am on three pumps of androgel 1.62. I feel like crap, almost sick like. and I am completely impotent. I don’t care what I try myself or who tried it for me, i’m impotent. It’s even shrunk in its regular state. what gives? I am trying to switch to 150mgs of T-C per week, 250 iu of HCG and amridex, but who knows when and if that is going to happen. Current doctor wouldn’t even consider the shots. had to switch. Why did my Penis stop working completely?

Androgel 1.62 original total T 179

How long have you been on it ?
Have any blood work ?
Using an AI ?
Androgel can have a really high conversion to E2 and kill your sex drive quick.

I have been on it 2 months. Last blood work was 179 on the androgel 1.62 for a month. at two pumps then increased to 3 pumps. No test yest. Current Doc wants me to wait 3 months. No AI. It worked great for about 10 days then it dies along with my manhood…

OK, your doc is not a trt doc. Same as mine, I use my urologist, and he gets pissed off when I ask him questions…Too Bad for him, I ask anyway.

You need to be in charge of your own program. Inside the agel box is the complete study and clinical trials on the stuff. They clearly recommend 2 weeks usage, and then blood work and adjustment up or down. Three months is way to long and BTW androgel has no ester and works right away in raising your serum test levels, so there is no need to wait 3 months.

I, like you and 100’s of others have had the same experience…feel good a few days, then worse, then they up your dosage and send you on your way. You need to be using an AI with this stuff, lots of guys say you don’t but you do. Even on 2 pmps a day I got sensitive itchy nips and my doc didn’t even return my calls, let alone prescribe me adex. Do yourself a favor, find a real trt specialist, and in the meantime ask your doc for bloodwork that tests E2 Estradiol. If he refuses, pay out of pocket and get the tests yourself.
You can get liquid adex on the net cheap just google the term adex research chemicals and you will find a
ton of sellers.

I have no signs of to much estrogen. No sensitivity of an body part. In fact they feel numb. My joints hurt, the last time that happened I was taking an estrogen blocker. I feel so shitty, and there is nothing I can do about it for 2 weeks until I see a new doc, and their is just a chance he will fix me. It would work sometimes before atleast for a minute then die. Now it seems smaller and nothing I can do to get it working. You may be right but it doesn’t seem like it. It’s got me all deppressed. Nothing I can do but wait fore a different treatment plan and more test.

Doc is checking E2 TT and Free T so it’s a start before I see my new doctor. It should be at my peak T level because I put on the androgel about 4 hours before. I’ll post those results.

Any updates? I have on the same hell road for the past 5 month.


Please start your own thread. See the advice for new guys sticky to see what info you should provide. Be open minded to the other medical problems listed there. Those are quite common.