Androgel AND T-Cyp Shots

I’m 48 years old, and I’m currently taking 200 mg Test Cyp per week. My T-levels are around 700. I’m forty pounds over weight due to bad diet, lifestyle and inactivity.

I’m getting back into the swing of things carefully, lifting three to four times per week. Over the next few months, I add in more met-con, walking, biking, hiking and other activities to get back to my old self. My diet is wired tight now (eating clean/paleo).

I’ve been given a bottle of Androgel from a trusted family member (who doesn’t want to take it due to their advanced age). My question is regarding supplementing my supplemental Tes-cyp with a pump a day of Androgel for two months to rev my Test a little higher to accelerate gains, recovery and weight loss.

I’d appreciate the forums thoughts on this.

You have been a member here for 7 months, so I assume that you have seen and read some of the stickies.

With 200mg T per week, most guys would have TT=1400-1600

So I am thinking that you are either:

  • a testosterone hypermetabolizer and as such you might be one of the guys who needs 300mg/week to get where most are at 100mg/week
  • injecting once a week and testing 7 days after your injection
  • or ? both

If you have been on TRT for months and energy levels have been low, something else may be holding you back. Thyroid function is mission critical to energy levels. Low thyroid function leads to weight gain and inability to loose weight which can lead to cholesterol problems and reduced insulin sensitivity.

If you have low thyroid function, AndroGel might not absorb, but might still increase E2 levels. Transdermal T, it is works is costly and thus not sustainable. More injected T would be your most cost effective option. Most are going to think that TT=700 is not very effective/

Please post all of your post TRT lab work with ranges.