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androgel and ....DIM

Hey, 22/m i’m on 5g packets of androgel and i wondered if i will notice a lot of gains 'cause it’s only been one month-last time i lost a lot of weight this time it’s not going so fast does 10g work better i was afraid to ask my doctor to increase does anyone here use androgel and like what can i use to make my body not feedback-produce less…is DIM anything of a supp. to rave about? should i get it any help and i owe you thanx

Try the Life Extension Foundation website for info in DIM. They had an interesting article about it in their latest print magazine. Sounds like there are better anti-estrogens around.

Ryan, if I had any idea what it was that you were trying to say, I might be able to help out. They’re called punctuation and grammar, man. Might want to try 'em out sometime. Sorry to be an asshole, but really.

Ryan,you write on a third grade level, go back to school and learn something.